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Erfurt tips beyond Rick's radio show

In the most recent episode of the radio show one of the Berlin guides recommends a day-trip (or longer) to Erfurt, and Rick goes into his usual commentary about Martin Luther, with the guide trying to make the case that there is more to Erfurt than Luther worship --
well it so happens that the current travel segment on DW TV, called 'check-in' does a full 25 minutes on Erfurt :

and makes the case indeed that there is plenty to like about the place.
I didn't realize that there's been a Jewish museum in Erfurt since 2009, and that it has a thriving underground music scene as well.

What caught my ear most, as usual with me, was the local Thuringia sausage varieties - more to put on my to-do list!

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In Erfurt, you can visit the memorial site at Topf & Sons, the company that set up the incinerators and the ventilation technology for the gas chambers.

"With this, the state capital Erfurt acknowledges its responsibility towards history and secures a historical place of learning and its irreplaceable potential for reflecting on ethical questions of work and business for the future."

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The city has some very cool architecture, a merchants' bridge and (I think--it was 7 years ago) two historic churches. It's also a good base for visiting Eisenach (and Wartburg Castle) and Weimar (and the Buchenwald camp/memorial site). Those side trips were doable via public transportation in 2015.

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I haven't listened to the Rick show mentioned. But the Alte Synagogue (not "Erfurt Jewish Museum") is much more than a Jewish culture site. It includes history on Erfurt's prosperity in the woad-dye trade. Because it was deconsecrated long before the Nazi rise, it's a unique time capsule. And the Erfurt Hoard is a treasure of history.

The medieval bridge in Erfurt has probably attracted as many day-trippers as has Burg Eltz! We happen to like public gardens, and EGAPark (which also counts as Ost-algia) was another high point of our daytrip.

I failed to learn of the important Schloss and historic baroque court theater in nearby Celle before that trip.

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Erfurt is popular among Germans, but not so much among Americans. As CWsocial mentioned, Erfurt's Oktoberfest is great and very manageable. I was there in 2019. There is one large beer tent and lots of games/rides/food stands on Domplatz. The crowds at the Merchant's Bridge and throughout Erfurt were actually a lot thinner during Oktoberfest than they were in the DW travel episode about Erfurt. I would also endorse the memorial/museum at the old Topf and Sons manufacturing site.

As mentioned above, the architecture is great. I had planned to day trip to Eisenach one day while in Erfurt, but I enjoyed Erfurt so much, I just wandered around the town for an extra day instead of seeing Wartburg Castle. The RS walking tour in the Germany guide is good.

Anger 1 (Anger = "commons") is a shopping center in Erfurt located in a building that was completed in 1908 as the Jewish-owned department store Kafhaus Römischer Kaiser. The store was taken from its owners by the National Socialists in 1937 when it became "Aryan-owned." After the war, the department store was nationalized by the DDR, and then sold to a private department store chain after reunification.

A nice hotel near Domplatz is Hotel Domizil. Run by a mother/son team. Something like 11 rooms -- some with a nice view of the Dom. Prices were reasonable when I stayed there.