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Tucci on the Town

Hopefully you watch the Stanley Tucci Italian travel series on CNN. This week's episode had a twist, since Stanley actually lives in London he does the rounds of Italian restaurants in that fair city. If you're looking for dining suggestions.

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I’ve loved these shows that Stanley Tucci has done! I’m sad there are only 4 episodes per season.
Good travel shows are rare these days ( I miss Anthony Bourdain). They have always ‘fed’ my desire to travel while waiting an opportunity to get abroad again ;)

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I've been loving this series! It's been so interesting to see how the cuisine varies across the country. Most things I would gladly eat except for the dishes of offal. That ain't happening. I'm a big fondue lover so I especially enjoyed the Piemonte series where they used fontina cheese.

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Also, enjoy "Ugly Delicious" (adult language but great topics) and "Somebody Feed Phil" (family eating fun) on Netflix.

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After watching this series, I've become quite nervous about the food. I want to try new dishes, but absolutely no offal, raw shrimp, lard on a piece of toast, oh my! I do love calamari, if it's fried. I don't know if I'm brave enough yet for octopus.