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Need to know and love more about Norway?

I just finished reading a fantastic novel by a Norwegian writer, Lars Mytting, called The Bell in the Lake. It's translated of course into English. I purchased it in a vicarage while touring Ringebu Stave Church in Norway on my recent RS Scandinavia tour. I haven't written my trip report yet but will get started this afternoon.

This is the 1st of a trilogy, an epic story about a village and its people in the Norwegian mountains of Butangen set in the 1880's. The centerpiece of village life is a magnificent Stave church built in the 12th century and German architects in Dresden learn about it. They want to transplant and rebuild it in Dresden at the request of the Queen of Saxony. Butangen has a new young pastor and families that go back hundreds of years eking out a sparse living farming the land. Interwoven in the story lines are a love triangle, Norse folk tales and tragedy. It's a spectacular book, I have already ordered the 2nd book in the trilogy, The Reindeer Hunters.

Also, I ordered his novel, Sixteen Trees of the Somme, about a Scotsman, Edvard, who grows up on a remote farm in Norway. He eventually decides to uncover the story of his family's tragic secrets and his journey takes him to the Shetlands and to the battlefields of France.

I think you will love this author, he tells a wonderful story!

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I think he would like it because the author writes vivid descriptions of the terrain, the mountains in Norway and the ancient history of the Stave Churches and how they were built. It's like a really good travelog. Of course, there is a storyline about a pivotal love triangle which drives the story forward and tragedy ensues eventually. I bought the paperback on Amazon and later discovered it is in my local library. It might be in your library. It is an international bestseller.