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Best beer in Bruges or Ghent?
redwolfnc68 10
B&B in Bruge
rbrown 3
Brussels Airport Hotel
Ray 1
Hilton in Brussels Nord
Ray 5
Travel between Brussels and Ghent (one way) and Brussels and Waterloo (round trip)
Ray 27
Ghent Hotel or B&B?
Ray 7
Pre Riverboat Cruise Travel In Brussels
ramonadeters 6
Will be in Bruges for the day with my 14 year old son - any World War 2 history?
raindrophobnob 9
Brugge 2 nights or 1 night
raikarankur85 21
Bastogne ...Battle of Bulge tours
raguccimary 1
Paris to Bruges Questions
Rachel 5
Where to stay in Brussels with easy airport access?
Rachael 4
48hrs from Amsterdam
quball 6
Brussels Airport Shopping
psychoticbooks 0
Travelling from amsterdam to antwerp and ghent
potato_hut 5
Ghent, Antwerp or Bruges for 3 nights in early June?
plim 11
Liege and Limberg Transport Help Needed
phsvendsen 7
Brussels in the news
phred 2
Our weekend in Brussels for a couple of over 60's
phonour100 4
Sunday train trip from Brussels to Ghent
phonour100 4
Has the Belgian rail 10-journey ticket been withdrawn
Philip 1
Festivities/traffic disruption in Brussels on Wednesday
Philip 0
Event in Ghent 18th-19th May
Philip 0
Ghent, Brugge, Antwerp logistics
Phil 4
Bruges, Belgium
phdon627 0
airport transit time
Peter 2
train from Brussels to the airport for early am flight
Peter 2
One night and one morning in Brussels.
Pepita 11
Wine tours from Brussels, Belgium
Peggy 8
Luxembourg day trip
Pearl 6
Amsterdam to Paris by train. Can we stop in Brussels for 4 or 5 hours for a quick tour...
pcwahtera 7
Ghent or Antwerp
PaulB 15
Bruges or Ghent
paulak643 10
Hotel La Legende, Brussels
pattyjo5148 3
Places to stay in Bruges
Patty 15
Antwerp to Bruges
Patty 3
have you taken the train from the Amsterdam airport to Brussels?
Patty 12
Laeken greenhouses-can we walk the grounds ?
Patty 2
Smart phones
pattonma 1
Normandy to Amsterdam by train
Pat 9
Hotel/B&B suggestion for Antwerp
Pat 2
Ghent canal cruises
Pat 7
Pam 5
Equivalent of Stephen Drake-Jones in Brussels?
pabloindallas 0
Traveling with chocolate...?
oysterized 11
Train from Bruges to Ghent (Plus attractions help)
oysterized 9
Thalys strike June 28-June30
oysterized 2
Lodging in Belgium (Preferably in Flanders) for the 100th Anniversary of the Armistice
ona.stein 12
Hostel in Bruges
o.kindschuh 2
Practical question about summer weather in Belgium and Holland