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how far is Hotel Prinsenhof from train station in Brugges

Does anybody have an idea how long a walking distance it is from the Hotel Prinsenhof ( on Ontvandersstraat) to the Brugges train station? Thanks Rick

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It is about 8/10 of a mile, and a very pleasant walk which you can add to as you see fit. Stop for waffles, chocolate, or beer as needed. We walked from the station through the main square last year, loved it. Keep in mind that any method using surface transit will still leave you having walked about 3/10 of a mile.

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Spelling note: Brugge is the spelling used by Dutch-speakers (the official language in the city) and Bruges the one used by French-speakers and most English-language sources. There is no such place as "Brugges". We do get a bit pedantic on this board with place name spellings, as most rail travel websites do not automatically compensate for misspellings and it is possible to get no results at all or a ticket to completely the wrong place.

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Richard: You will absolutely love the Hotel Prinsenhof. We stayed there several nights last fall and thoroughly enjoyed it. We elected to take a taxi between the train station and the hotel and also to the train station when we departed. It is somewhat walkable, but some of the streets are narrow, cobble-stoned, and street names tend to change frequently. It may not be convenient to do if you are dragging suitcases and the like. I believe the cost of the taxi was around 10 Euros, give or take. There are a lot of great restaurants within a 5-minute walk from the hotel. Have a wonderful time and enjoy Bruges.

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Thanks for your input Larry, Darrel, & Southam regarding the question asked. To Phillips....thanks for the education