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Bruges--Visiting in late October vs. early December

I know neither time period is considered the ideal time to visit Bruges and Belgium. December offers Christmas attractions, and late October less severe weather. But for purposes of future trip planning, I wanted to get the thoughts of forum members who have visited Bruges in one, or both, of the time periods mentioned. I am also going to start a similar thread regarding Amsterdam on the Netherlands forum. Thanks in advance to anyone wishing to respond.

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It’s been a couple decades since I was in Amsterdam, Brussels, and Bruges in December. Just after Christmas when we were there it was freezing. My son was stationed in Brunssum and Bruges was just over an hour from his base. We went to visit Trier and the weather was great in the morning, but by the time we returned that night we were in the middle of a blizzard. On the same trip, Amsterdam was great when we took the train there. How it was then is no guarantee of how it might be when you go.

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Living close to Bruges I am obviously familiar with the climate. You must be lucky with the weather. If you have that there are still sunny and warm days in October and for me still the best time for outdoor activities compared to December. Know that in October the clock is still set to summer time. From November temperatures can drop around freezing point and the weather most of the time moisterous can feel very uncomfortable if combined with wind and rain and doesn't add to the atmosphere too. If there is no wind and rain it will be doable and Bruges will meet more to it’s romantic appeal, but with the Christmas decorations more after sunset (around 5 PM). Don’t expect snow, very rare since many decades.

Weatherwise the same for Amsterdam where there is more to do indoors if the weather won’t cooperate. If you like museums Bruges remains a good place but has not so many if you like / need to spend more time indoors.