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Checked Bag Pick up in Brussels between flights

I booked with United. I'm flying with their partner, Brussels Airlines PRG - BRU before connecting with United to fly to the U.S. i have a 16 hour layover in Brussels. I'm wondering if I can get my bag and re-check it later for flying to U.S. Has anyone done this? Brussels Airlines doesn't state definitively if I can do that.

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I know if your layover exceeds a certain number of hours, they may require you to collect your bags. I would imagine you may have the option when you check into your Prague flight.

Another option, if they are carry-on size and no controlled items, carry them on to Brussels, then check them in brussels before you go through security after your layover.

A third, maybe the easiest, is to take a small bag with everything you need for the layover, and let the main bag be checked. Surely you would not need everything for the layover.