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October trip - Stay inside old city or just outside of Bruges?

We plan to stay in Bruges for three nights during the third week of October. I have found some nice airbnb's just outside the city center which state they are about a 15 - 20 minute walk to city center. I am also looking at Hotel Bla Bla in the city center. I do not want to experience a lot of street noise at night and not sure if Bla Bla would have that at that time of year. One advantage to staying there may be shorter walks if this is a super rainy time of year. Just curious what everyones thoughts are. The airbnb's are located in Sint Pieters area, and the others are Northwest and southwest - just outside the ring.

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We day tripped to Bruges and stayed in Ghent.
Can recommend the Carlton Hotel there; on a quiet side street about 1/4 mile from the train station. Very convenient and the proprietors are outstanding hosts. (Trains run every 30 minutes to Bruges/Ghent)
Enjoy your trip.

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Renee, I don't think you'll have any issues with late-night street noise in the historic center of Bruges. IMHO, the sidewalks rolled up earlier than in other cities we've traveled to. Just walking around after dark in the evenings (in May), things seemed to quiet down nicely earlier than we'd expected.

Evenings and early mornings are a GREAT times for a stroll, BTW. I'd absolutely stay inside an area circled by the inner-most canals, and just check reviews for accommodations you're interested in for any complaints about noise.

We spent 4 nights in Bruges ( 1 day-trip to Ghent) and loved it. Ghent will get a few nights next time! :O)

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I stayed in the Dieltiens B&B, and it was quite quiet:

I had a very nice stay there, and would definitely look to stay there again if I return to Bruges. The only potential issue is that there's no elevator and the stairs are a bit steep.

I think just about any place that's not right on the two main squares would be quiet. I agree with Kathy - Bruges is not a late night place. While there are some bars that people go to after dinner, most people seem to go back to their hotels after dinner.

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We stayed at B&B Huis Koning in Bruges. No noise at night, and only a five minutes walk to the main plaza and belfry. There’s nothing wrong with a 20 minutes walk into town, but do you want to walk back that 20 minutes, for 3 days. Or, multiple time per day, if you want to take a break during the day. It’s a personal preference.

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I've been to the Hotel Bla Bla and it's on a quite street. Most of the rooms face an inside courtyard.

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We stayed at Hôtel Adornes and enjoyed it. You can do your laundry here. Quaint and quiet.

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Thanks everyone for all the input. We decided on Hotel Fevery - high reviews, queen bed, free breakfast and good location and price.