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Senior train travel in Belgium

We read on Rick' Steves Europe site that people 65 and over could travel on Belgian trains point to point round trip for 6 Euros. We understand this does not include high speed express trains, or any trains before 9:00 am. Is this true? If so, how do we may this happen? We are specifically looking to take a day trip from Brussels to Bruges, and this would be a great value for us.

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In June my brother and I went from Brussels to Sint-Truiden in Eastern Belgium. I do not remember the cost but the lady at the ticket window asked us if we were over 60. It surprised me to be offered the reduction as altho I had read about it I felt my abysmal language skills were not up to requesting it. She offered in English by the way.

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Yes RS is correct, seniors in Belgium getting a serious discount on public transport within Belgium, so your roundtrip Brussels – Bruges at the same day costs €6 pp. Trains before 9:00am is for weekdays, but read for this the terms of use Seniors Ticket, see (select English) where you can buy the tickets also online. You can ofcourse buy them at the counter, don´t forget anyway your pasport during the trip.

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On my last trip in Belgium I was with 3 others who were over 65 or older . I was 64 and bought the full price ticket because I don't like lying , which they thought was stupid because no one would check. Well , the conductor DID check age ; all 3 had to show their ID's . Glad I did not listen to them. Did you know all residents of Belgium over 65 get a card for FREE travel? Had a nice conversation with an older gentleman in that train. He understood enough English to hear my version of "told you so " to my fellow travelers .He showed me his free card and said it was to keep older people from becoming isolated if they don't have the money for travel to friends/family. How nice !