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Technology Tips

Talk up technology used for travel here

European tourism now comes with a digital divide: those with high tech gadgets and those without. Discuss gadgets, mobile devices, apps, cameras, rotary phones, and more. Which tools are worth the trouble and actually enhance your travels?

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How do I sync my mail
jjmiller44 3
How do I unblock or prevent blocking of MSN emails while traveling abroad?
CStanley 4
How do I use my Samsung/Windows/Verizon phone in Switzerland and Italy?
riskaid 7
How do you pay your bills?
Patty 29
How do you switch providers between countries?
Sara 11
How good is Google Translate, particularly for Italian?
lnbsig 20
How many international phone plans do you get?
Lulu 13
how much time needed to check in for US flight at CDG?
Beverly 15
How to back up photos if I don't take a laptop
Chris 21
How to check data and messaging balance on TIM for Tourist SIM card in Italy
Julie 3
how to communicate in Brussels and London
dgarone1158 13
How to get free Garmin GPS maps for Europe
Peter 0
How to keep US cell phone while living in Europe: vonage, skype, or others?
Stephen 7
How to link websites without pasting the whole long link?
horsewoofie 15
How to take great iPhone photos?
saweber95 5
Hyperlapse app
Sara 3
If using a European Country's SIM card do I lose access to the data on my existing phone?
mary.beth.walsh 6
If you can't get your cellphone to work overseas....
Frank II 16
I'm looking for an online Spanish course
Estimated... 12
In case of lost camera card
Nicole P 12
Inexpensive travel gifts, also external battery charger in OZ?
martianellen 17
Insecure hotel wifi networks
Lola 13
International Data Plan questions
Lulu 21
International Texting
Ron 8
Internet Security in Europe
Michael 5
Internet Security Info
Michael 0
Intra-EU roaming charges for voice, text and data abolished from June 15th
Andre L. 9
In Turkey now and my cell phone has died! Any technology geniuses out there tonight?
Valerie 7
Inverness Taxi App
bill.julieb 2
iPad Air 1 vs buying iPad mini
Joyful Traveler 14
IPad Air - theft issues in Ireland or England?
Bluewaterquest 5
Ipad apps for travel In Germany
mathemilu 3
iPad Mini - uploading photos? secondary camera?
Diane 7
iPad Mini with Sim
Wray 13
Ipad? What kind of computer to take?
k.huddleston 34
iPhone 5 in London
cate.deventer 11
iPhone 5s (AT&T) in Italy
jennkreger 12
IPhone 5s for photos or dig camera?
hnole 10
iPhone 6S
Dennis 6
iPhone and iPad use in multiple European countries
TigerMO 6
iPhone apps to make free international calls
richf7 4
Iphone for camera/clock
swetrich 23
iPhone GPS use in UK and Portugal- best data plan for travel?
CStanley 4
I-Phone Help for Data Roaming
Todd 19
iPhone in Airplane Mode
boblhed 16
iPhone in France
Judith 9
IPhone in Israel
Carolyn 6
iPhone in Italy
John 4
IPhone in U.K. To sim or not
DeVon 8
iPhone Navigation in Italy/Croatia/Slovenia
pjoasouth 6