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Do I need a smart phone traveling to Ireland

I don't have a smart phone. Can I just get by with an iPad and buying a $30 phone in Ireland. Yes I am too cheap and I don't want to spend my life looking at my palm.

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Yes, a basic phone works just fine. Do you need the phone? I've gotten by on many trips with no phone.

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Sooooooo……what are you going to do at the group meals when everyone is looking down at their smart phone? Maybe RS should have a non-smart phone supplement for those who want to sit at a separate table for group meals and just talk travel adventures???? (just kidding!)

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I can't believe you have to ask.. we never take ANY phone to Europe.. and that included last summer , 4 weeks in Europe, including a week in Ireland.. although I did cave to technology and brought my tablet this time.

People have travelled and enoyed it for many hundreds of years ,, without phones.

I don't get this constant need to be in touch on vacation.. I did 3 months back in the 80s.. my friend and I phoned home like twice ( because it was expensive and a hassle back then).. people wrote postcards.

Don't take a phone.. I promise you will live. You can get information from your Ipad the night before going somewhere ( checking hours , rates of admission , how to get somewhere etc) and you will have one less expensive thing to worry about pickpockets taking.. or losing it yourself.

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YES, you can absolutely get by with your iPad and an inexpensive PAYG phone. You don't "need" a phone but I've found that having one is very useful at times during travels.

I'm sure you won't have any trouble finding a mobile phone shop. If you don't spot one after you arrive, the hotel staff will be able to direct you to the nearest one.

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There's a difference between NEED and WANT. In my opinion and travel practice, I do not NEED a mobile while traveling overseas. (I do stay in touch using free WiFi e-mail).

Last winter we experienced the only occasion where we needed a mobile. The train station in Austria was unstaffed and the taxis did not wait at the train station. There was a sign at the station with numbers to call for taxi service and none of our group had a phone activated for Austria. A young mother with two children, one in a stroller, helped us by calling our hotes using her mobile, then called the taxi service and waited with us for a call back confirming the service request. Lesson learned was people are kind and we didn't NEED a mobile phone.

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Don't need a smart phone or any phone for that matter. Remember, many of us traveled when a post card was hi-tech. We finally gave in to the dark side (sons call us late, very late adapters) and take a ipad for checking emails, etc. at the hotel in the evening. However, doubt if our sons could get by with anything less than two smartphones.

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Thanks for the great replies! I think I will stay living in the stone age and do without a "smart phone". I use my hands for a knife and fork, pint of ale, and maybe some golf!