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Technology Tips

Talk up technology used for travel here

European tourism now comes with a digital divide: those with high tech gadgets and those without. Discuss gadgets, mobile devices, apps, cameras, rotary phones, and more. Which tools are worth the trouble and actually enhance your travels?

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Transistor radio in London/Paris
bkmat62 12
Translation apps?
David 10
Travel adapter work in Norway?
Seattle1984 7
Travel Apps!
tpww 1
Travel Apps that include Maps
Ricki 3
Travel Calendar Template
judy 3
Travel Converter and Adapter
Stacey 5
Travel Converter... from 1996
baileymiller04 12
Travel diary app for iphone
terri 7
Traveling Dinosaurs -- need telephone help
Faith 32
Traveling to Italy and Greece - where to buy cell phone?
Joyful Traveler 4
Traveling w/ 2 I-phones: any extra charges?
meemskirk 14
Traveling with a CPAP
Mike Beebe 6
Traveling with iPhone 5s on Verizon
Ray 7
Traveling with just a smart phone.
seacoastpet 22
Traveling without technology in Europe
Marc 39
Travel Journal App recommendations
jlamailbox 7
Travelling to London, Paris, & Dublin - what sim?
darrel.lauren... 6
Travel management app
bucephale 13
Travel planning app
bethann0214 10
Travelpod blog goes bye bye
Nicole P 23
Travel Power Strip
Frank II 23
Travel Wifi
Colette 9
Travel with medical devices
Michael 3
Trip management apps
teleute 8
Trip Planning Calendar App
Frank II 1
Trip research - thanks Rick!
Bruce 1
TripWolf App vs Citymap2Go
emailtomato 3
Trouble downloading Rick's walking tours with my Ipad
twilightrabbit 4
Trying to avoid extra cost for a GPS with out rental car for Europe trip, but need...
claudine.robert 15
Turkcell doesn't work on iPhone 6
pdxmeganne 3
Turning a RS audio file OFF on my iphone5
Tom 3
TV shows in English
dale 5
Tweaking the Travel Forum
lisa 8
Two phones - SIM or no SIM?
Al 11
Two way radios for communications
wbills 6
Type F adapters - insulation on the prongs/tips
teamstandy 7
Type F power strip
teamstandy 8
ubs chargers
horsewoofie 19
UK/Ireland Sim Card company guidance requested 2019
AZ Traveller 6
Ulamon map app premium is 50% off until Tuesday
Packy 0
Unable to get cell carrier to unlock phone for travel in France and Spain, what are my...
theresabrinkh... 10
Universal adaptor for Murren Switzerland
Judy 6
unlocked phone - prepaid card
Heidi 8
Unlocked phone with U.S. PAYG
Frank II 7
Unlocking smart phones?
JJ 5
Upgrade to Iphone 6+ or Ipad mini for travel?
June 10
USB charger question
Allie 11
USB Chargers......
Ken 2
USB in UK and France
ohiouhockeyfan 12