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Offline GPS Apps for iOS (for Driving)

What is the latest offline GPS app for iPhone that you liked the best for driving with point to point directions?

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I'm sure this isn't what you are after, but I'm back on the old fashioned Garmin. After using several apps I really prefer the dedicated GPS machine. I use a beanbag so it is easy to put up and take down, and no ugly rings on the window.

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Roberto: I am also interested in this answer. Hopefully someone can provide a tip. I am also interested in an offline app for walking directions.


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Unfortunately I use the same method as NIgel with an older Garmin Nüvi so have never had occasion to use off-line GPS app's.

One method I used last year for pedestrian use (when I didn't have the Garmin with me) was to switch on the data long enough to download a map and plot my destination, and then switch it off. The GPS still followed my progress quite nicely so that seemed to work fine. I suspect the off-line app's will require lots of memory so hopefully your iOS device has enough available.