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new google translate app update

Google just updated it's translation app to include the Word Lens app which they bought out last year. World Lens is unique in that it uses the camera feature to translate things like signs, menus, labels on the camera screen in realtime and offline. Off line is limited to just a few languages like spanish, french, german, italian. But if you happen to have an internet connection this expands to lots of other languages. Also greatly improved is the voice translator tool. The big apple times explains the update in greater detail than I ever can. Head over to this blind hot link for all the bells and whistles:

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Huh! I just checked my Google Translate, and it has that capability - probably since the last automatic update. Very nice.

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I have an app on my Great Call smarty called Translate that apparently does about the same thing. Last night I downloaded the Ukranian language and that took about fifty minutes. Now I have translation capabilities for English to Ukranian and vice versa by camera, typing, and I think by speaking. The thing is it seems to only have the capability to accomodate one foreign language at t time. I will have to use it to find out more about its features.