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Need own earphones/buds for audio guides?

Question for recent travelers. For places that haven't exchanged audio guides for apps or QR codes on the phone, are they still giving out earphones or do we need to have our own to plug in (std headphone plug or with apple convertor)? I assume bluetooth audio guides is not a thing? Trying to decide if it's worth buying something new and better than my old plug-in earbuds and don't want to get something that won't work for travel since I don't wear them very often at home. Thanks!

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I’ve never seen a place give out earbuds to use with an app or other audio on your device. Not to say that some place somewhere doesn’t do this, but it’s certainly uncommon. Part of the issue with audio guides is sanitary and giving out earbuds would be the same.
I’d buy a very cheap pair of standard wired earbuds. Can be bought for under $10 online. Some airlines do give out earbuds so if you know yours does, you can use those.

Note that if you have an iPhone, recent models don’t have a headphone jack. You need a connector or Apple earbuds. The connector is easier and cheaper unless you already have the Apple ones, sometimes they come with the phone.