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Need help with a tech product

All of you have been so helpful when you answered my questions before so naturally, I'll ask again.

For a previous trip to London and France, we purchased the Rick Steves' UK and Europe power adaptors and brought our own iPhone and iPad voltage converters. Is there an all in one device that anyone recommends? Next year we're going back to the UK and then Egypt so if the device also works in Egypt, that will be a plus.


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I have not found anything that, when combined like the Apple chargers and the RS plug adapters, works as well and takes up as little space. Most of the other devices out there are unnecessarily bulky for the low power needs of a cell phone or small tablet.

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You need to get a few things straight...

You did not buy any "Rick Steves' UK and Europe power adaptors". There's no "power" being "adapted" - you merely have plug adapters so the plugs on your charging devices can fit European sockets.

Second, you do not own any "iPhone and iPad voltage converters". You have chargers for your devices (which, like most modern electronics, work with both 110 and 220 volt systems).

Next, this part is confusing:

Is there an all in one device that anyone recommends?

Exactly what devices are you looking for? What you already have is exactly what you need. You can't get rid of the charging blocks (aka wall warts) for your iDevices - that's how they charge. The only thing you might want to get is a power strip or similar device that gives you more outlets - you plug the power strip into the plug converter (so it fits the wall plug, then plug that into the wall socket) then you will still need all your individual charging blocks for each device (just as you need them at home); plug each wall wart into the power strip, you're done.

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I use an earlier version of this. With this I no longer need to carry plug adapters as the only electronics I have are my phone and iPad. This has all international adapters included, they easily swap out, you only bring the one or two you need. It has 4 USB ports and an extension cord in case your wall receptacle is in a bad location. Mine is over 5 years old and I use it at home 24/7 as my charging station. For iPhone, iPad no converter is needed, not sure what “voltage converters” you are referring to.

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There are devices you can buy that incorporate multiple types of plugs, sometimes also with a place to connect one or more USB charging cables. The ones I've actually held in my hand were much, much heavier than a couple of adapter plugs, so I think for many travelers they would be useful only if they allowed you to charge multiple devices with a single plug and the travelers valued that feature. Many European hotel rooms are very short on outlets.

If you're thinking about buying a new adapter online, I highly recommend seeking out the information about its weight before clicking the "Buy" button. One ounce is approximately the weight of five US quarters, just as a guideline.

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you do not own any "iPhone and iPad voltage converters". You have chargers for your devices

Actually, a USB charger is a voltage converter. It converts a range of input voltages, 100VAC to 240VAC, to an output voltage of 5VDC, which is the input voltage for your iPhone and iPad.