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New Bluetooth toy for travel

CNN did an "advertorial" about this gadget, I have one that is similar that I use on an old iPod. I'm surprised airlines would allow something like this that is transmitting a signal during flight, but they probably can't enforce. Unless the pilot notices his instruments are going wacky and makes an announcement (as they apparently did back in the day when too many people were listening to a playoff game on transistor radios)

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Bluetooth headphones / earpods are everywhere these days - especially airplanes.

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I bought one and used it on my flight back to Paris earlier this month. I loved being freed from my plugged-in wire that I always have to deal with when I need to let my seatmates out to go to the restroom. It worked perfectly.

And with it, I am also going to bring my old ipod back to life for my walks !

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Someone on another thread said that they thought it would. You would plug the airfly into the box and keep it in a bag or something and it would transmit to your earphones. I was thinking that this would be a great option for people with hearing aids as well.

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And note that Amazon is full of these so you're not stuck with this one brand

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This is great because I wanted to bring my BT earbuds, but also didn't want to go over my data by using Pandora on my phone during my next tour (yes, Pandora works internationally, I used it on the GAS tour). This will allow me to use my old iPod. Thank you!!