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Technology Tips

Talk up technology used for travel here

European tourism now comes with a digital divide: those with high tech gadgets and those without. Discuss gadgets, mobile devices, apps, cameras, rotary phones, and more. Which tools are worth the trouble and actually enhance your travels?

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Ipad? What kind of computer to take?
k.huddleston 34
iPhone 5 in London
cate.deventer 11
iPhone 5s (AT&T) in Italy
jennkreger 12
IPhone 5s for photos or dig camera?
hnole 10
iPhone 6S
Dennis 6
iPhone and iPad use in multiple European countries
TigerMO 6
iPhone apps to make free international calls
richf7 4
Iphone for camera/clock
swetrich 23
iPhone GPS use in UK and Portugal- best data plan for travel?
CStanley 4
I-Phone Help for Data Roaming
Todd 19
iPhone in Airplane Mode
boblhed 16
iPhone in France
Judith 9
IPhone in Israel
Carolyn 6
iPhone in Italy
John 4
IPhone in U.K. To sim or not
DeVon 8
iPhone Navigation in Italy/Croatia/Slovenia
pjoasouth 6
iPhone or Android?
lmkramer85 2
iPhone Photo Backup Suggestion
Mark 14
Iphone - sim - pictures questions
Joyful Traveler 7
iPhone texting via WiFi domestic USA
Tom_MN 10
iPhone use in Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Austria
Mike2015 8
iPhone with dial sims question
tyee_guy 16
I really DO want SIM before leaving for 21-day Belgium/Austria trip. Advice?
GypsyRover 7
Is a Cell Phone Really Necessary?
Jordan 11
Is Amazon the only way to buy Orange Holiday SIM in US before your trip?
gaillte 11
is a pin a necessity for using a credit card?
jraiche123 22
Is a voltage convertor necessary for charging my portable charger while in Europe?
dpalmier53 7
Is CUniq sim only activated in UK, not other Europe countries?
kmli 1
Is iPhone 6 a good camera for Europe?
Eileen 7
Israel tech news - good and bad
Harold 9
Is the only AT&T internation plan now the $10 "day pass"?
keri 13
Is there an Ebook of Best of Europe by Rick Steves?
rawsonbudd 3
Is there an Ebook of Best of Europe by Rick Steves?
rawsonbudd 3
Is this considered duel voltage?
cparadowski 11
Is this how to save money despite having Verizon?
nancys8 13
Is Universal Adaptor Really Universal?
schneiderza 8
Italian language learning programs best
bsibiski 18
Italian SIM for data/Best deal
travelgoode 11
Italy SIM activation time?
Chiara 5
Italy tour
Jim 19
Itinerary, plug adapter ('s) question
kenj831 4
It's a brave new world
phred 10
I was thinking about phones
phred 5
Jitterbug phone from GreatCall
epltd 8
journal app with off-line feature and sharing via social media???
Ruth 12
Just got a "Chip and Pin" Credit Card from my local Credit Union
Shelley 4
Keeping US SIM card
epltd 7
Therese 7
Kindle e-reader connection problems
Frank II 19
kindle fire
Gail 13