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I am looking to purchase an eSim plan for my 1 week trip to Europe. I will mostly be in Italy, some Spain and a day in Portugal. My phone is compatible and unlocked. I will need it mostly for google maps and some email/text. Just seeing what others have used, what plan they selected and if they liked it. I have ruled out holafly since I believe they only offer data.
Thank you for any suggestions!! I always get such great help here :)

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Most eSIM plans offer only data - I used Airalo and it was data only (I used FaceTime audio and WhatsApp for phone calls). However, I believe that Orange offers a plan that includes phone usage.

Read the link posted above by TexasTravelmom, who successfully used a phone/data eSIM plan from Orange - she has lots of info in there. I believe she got hers from Orange eSIM Holiday Spain.

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I am also using an Orange Europe eSim currently while in Scotland (and I can use it for trips later this year, as well).

However with only one week and for the needs you have expressed, you might want to go with the very inexpensive Airolo eSim Mardee used and just get data. I am staying longer and wanted an eSim with a phone number. And I have needed it a couple of times already, so I am glad I have it. But many people will not need that.