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Dual voltage phone charger?


Follow up question. We checked with TMobile. We can use our low tech flip phone to call the US from Austria and Germany. Our phone chargers (wall plug in) say:
"input 100-240v-50/60Hz".
"output 4.8v=0.4a"

Do I need a voltage converter or just the adapter to use this with our flip phones?

For calls, we plan on using Skype on our iPad primarily, but would like the phones as a back up plan.

Thank you.


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If you just have a flip phone it is possible it might not have the necessary frequencies for your phone to work in Europe. A lot of flip phones don't. Let me know if you need more explanation.

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It's an LG 450. We have T Mobile.

Any insight or info would be greatly appreciated.


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After going to their website I found this under Technology.

GSM: 850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz

Data: HSPA (unspecified), UMTS

I think this means it is a "Quad band" phone and will work in Europe.

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Thank you guys,

I got this from the T-Mobile website:

Display 2.2” 220 x 176 pixels
Size and Weight 3.85 x 2.01 x 0.34 inches 3.63 ounces
LG 450
Battery Life
Up to 3 hours talk time Up to 14 days standby time
Memory 128 MB RAM/256 MB ROM
Connectivity Sync methods: Bluetooth, USB
Quad Band GSM; UMTS: Band II (1900)
Hearing Aid Compatibility
M3 & T4
WEA Capable? Yes

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Instead of a plug adapter, you might consider a USB charger with a Europlug, like this one. That way it's only on item to carry. No worry about accidentally leaving the adapter in the wall. You'll need a USB cable, but you might already have one to your current US power supply.

Many prices to choose from depending on number of ports and amps.

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Based on the information you posted, the phone charger will work fine in Europe with only an inexpensive Plug Adaptor. If you're only going to be in Austria and Germany, the two-pin "Euro" Plug Adaptor is the appropriate model.....

If you'll be travelling in the U.K., a different style will be needed. It's a good idea to pack at least two, as they're small and easy to misplace.

Do NOT use a Voltage Converter!

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Hi Ken and Lee in particular,

We do have two Adapters. We used one last trip (2013) to plug the iPad charger into the wall with no Converter. Since we will only be visiting Austria and Germany, we'll simply take the adapters. Hopefully the phone works out as well.


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What Ken said.

Unless a voltage converter is a transformer and is specifically for low wattage (50W, for example), it would not be appropriate for an electronic power supply. Higher wattage voltage converters chop the top off of the higher voltage sine wave, and the resultant wave form can harm the power supply for low wattage electronic devices.