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Share tips on packing light, travel gear, etc

Pack light. Share your creative tricks to fit your world into a small bag for a European trip. Or, since we all slip a goofy little extra in, which soothing, handy, or fun packing extravagances can you justify? If it is about packing for your big trip, discuss here.

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Reminder to people from warm areas in US
cala 6
Packing like Sarah
cala 20
Need Recommendations for hard shell spinner carryon size
cala 32
Need recommendation for flats that would be comfortable for a lot of walking
cala 10
What did you not pack that you now consider essential?
cala 45
Product recommendations for carry-on only
cala 13
Youtube: BBC Comedy: When you don't want to pay for a plastic bag
cala 13
To what extent does Ryan Air question a jacket you're wearing that has many pockets?
cala 9
British airways personal carry on bag
cacitaly2017 11
Help determining capacity in litres
bxrlover 23
Ladies, how to manage toiletries??
bxrlover 51
Osprey Transporter 44L carryon
bxrlover 12
Compression vs packing cubes
bxrlover 46
storing extra luggage before cruise
bwagaman 2
Best day bag
burnettdn 19
Personal item when using a backpack as luggage
Bunnygirl11 13
Packing for a RS tour in Winter
Bunnygirl11 6
Suitcase choices
buddy7 21
Backpack expandable and on spinner wheels
bucksnortnrun... 4
River Cruise Baggage Limit
BucketLister 8
one month Europe by car: best family luggage ?
bucephale 7
Best carry on for a 7 years old girl
bucephale 22
backpack personal item or carry on?
b.stith 8
United carry on
bsfmtb 6
front pockets
bsfmtb 4
3-1-1- bag
bsfmtb 5
Merino wool underwear - field tests
Bruce 2
Attention shoppers - clothes suitable for travel need not break the bank
Bruce 29
Women’s Ex Officio Shirt at Costco
Bruce 12
Men's Pants on Sale - Costco
Bruce 5
United broke my zipper on my new Rick Steves suitcase!
brodsky49 19
Lauterbrunnen and Tuscany in please
brock9281 5
Osprey Porter 30L or Osprey Porter 46L?
Bridget 12
Travel Hat????
Bridget 21
Packing for Germany in December
Brian W 16
Favorite day packs?
Brian 11
Packing cubes
Brian 23
Flying with an Insulin Pump
brando 4
merino wool sweaters
brad.sherseth 4
Lost the combination to the Rick Steves TSA combo lock.
bpwilcox33-ge... 11
packing business suit?
bpreecs 7
Checked luggage w/ multiple airlines
bp0730 8
Montreal/Quebec City mid- December Packing List for a Week?
Bon voyage! 15
Compression Bags Can be Ok!
Bon voyage! 6
What's in my 1.2 lb first aid kit?!
Bon voyage! 34
Me Again! If my First Aid Kit is 1.2 lbs, Then...
Bon voyage! 7
Re: Checked Bags Getting Lost in European Travel- How common this year?
Bonnie 16
North Face 22” wheelie at REI, 50%
bogiesan 2
Long list of packing notes
bogiesan 21
Packing List, Male, 65 years
bogiesan 8