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flying Easyjet Amsterdam-Venice Venice-Paris how strict are they with carryons and size?

going to find a tape measure right now! Read a few posts about some 'carry ons' not being true carry ons .... for years I used my 'Rick Steves' bag that could turn into a backpack but bought a suitcase with wheels for this trip
how many people are using rolling suitcases for 'Rick Steves' sort of traveling

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Yes, they are strict about the size. They won't always measure it, but it is safer to assume they will.
Two other important points:
1) On carry on item means ONE, not one plus a little handbag, or one plus a laptop, it means one.
2) You must do your check-in on-line before arriving at the airport. Unlike some airlines you can do your check-in days or weeks in advance, so do it and print out your boarding cards before you leave home.

The rules are here:

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Chris is right. They mean exactly what their limits are and they are strictly enforced.

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I never use a rolling bag for any travel. If you aren't carrying it, it ain't a "carry on". ;-)

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My spinner wheel Rimowa carry-on meets their guidelines, but if you pay for the Flexi fare you can also bring on a second item.


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We fly easyJet in May. Every bag checked. Remember they make a lot of revenue from forcing people to check oversized bags. It is in their financial interests to check your bag.

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My experience was the same as Frank's last Sept flying Paris to Venice. EVERY bag in the sizer even the ones that looked identical. If you haven't bought your ticket, pay for a checked bag ahead of time so you don't have to worry.

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My philosophy with Easyjet, RyanAir, and other budgets, is that the ticket is cheap enough, that to pay to check a bag is easy insurance against exceeding their limits. I almost always have a light roller bag or pack and a daybag, but together they would usually exceed the size limit if I combined, and certainly the weight limit on other airlines. Spring for the checked bag and rest easy.

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:-( alas and learn- I didn't even realize this was such an issue until I started reading posts about unhappy customers...I am going to be in Europe for more than a month and these 2 Easyjet flights are bumming me out- I always just take a carry on but they seem really harsh - my 'US' carryon is 24 inches from ground to top -I am used to having a 'purse' with my camera/electronics and what not in there--it is too late to pay for checking the bags now ---

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oh no it's not too late to pay to check the bags . . . I'm pretty sure you can still add on the checked bags with your reservation. And I know they will take your money at the airport (but it will cost more, so it's in your interest to at least TRY to pay in advance.

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Based on my experience, easyJet are fairly strict about carry-on size, but that seems to depend on which airport you're dealing with. I've found that my carry-on is not always checked in the sizer, although one should be prepared for that. Weight is not a concern, as long as the passenger can lift their own luggage into the bins (the flight attendants won't be doing that for you). I believe they include the wheels and handle in the measurement (one reason I don't use wheelie bags).

The main item to be aware of when buying the cheapest tickets with easyJet is that they only allow one carry-on item per passenger. That doesn't mean "one plus a personal item", it means ONE ONLY of the approved size.

If you decide to check one bag, you should easily be able to arrange that using the "Manage My Booking" page. I always check one bag and also pay for the next highest weight tier at the time I make the booking to ensure I won't be over the limit, as it's considerably more expensive if they find a checked bag overweight at the airport.

As you may have noted, you can check in and print your boarding pass up to 30 days prior to the flights. There is usually NO check in at airports, but only a bag drop. I usually pay for speedy boarding and seat selection.

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thanks for the last posts... gives me some hope....had crazy traveling nightmares last night after tossing and turning for ever-somehow when I was in my 20's-30's I didn't worry about the 'details'
thanks again

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Thanks to Ken above ^ I was able to log into to Easyjet and add a checked bag just in case.... it was only $28 instead of $50 .... I travel light but being gone for a month changes things a bit- due to some circumstances I will need some 'fancy dress' outfits
glad I saw all the posts about Easyjet before I got to the airport for the flight
thanks again to all the posted! Love this Travel Forum

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I think you are on the right trail now. I find it easy with Easyjet to keep all the boarding passes and such on my phone, using their app and sending a copy to the Passbook app. Then I keep a paper copy in case of phone upset.