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secure luggage tags

Someone posted this in a forum "secure luggage tags - Recommendations for luggage tags that hide your home address and are strong would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!" that was closed. I wanted to comment on it but it was closed. If you must have your address then put it on the inside of your suitcase at the bottom of the case (When Opened). The only identifier needed on the outside is your last name, phone number and/or email, How much more information do you need to give out to verify that it is yours? If you have access to your email you can coordinate delivery to most destinations worldwide. If you use a service like Google Voice you can have your phone messages transcribed and emailed to you. You can also listen to them if the transcription doesn't make sense. You only need to respond if your luggage is lost!

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I agree. I use my business card, which has my email address and cell number. I also use one of those tags that wraps around the handle so it has to be opened off the handle to read. This kind of tag is not loose so it can't get caught on the conveyor or anything else.