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Does anyone have experience with IFLY or IT luggage? I would like to purchase a 25 " piece of lightweight luggage. Since it's not a carry on I would like something durable. I have a 22" Travelpro that I really like, so I am looking at their maxlite line., too.

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I would hesitate to use the IT luggage for a checked piece. I just don’t think it would handle the abuse. I do think it would be fine in a carry on piece.

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I'm going to agree. IT luggage would be fine as a carry on but as a checked bag I found it just too flimsy for my liking.

If you have discount stores like TJMaxx or Ross or Marshall's near you, they usually have a few pieces of IT luggage. You might want to see for yourself.

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Have the Travelpro maxlite carry on size. It has not ever been checked, but I would not worry about it if it had to be checked.

Not familiar with the others you mention

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I can attest that our Travelpro 22" checked luggage has never let us down! It is light weight, under 7 lbs, and durable. I wouldn't change a thing. When packed I limit weight to under 20 lbs.

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I loved my IT bag (except I would have preferred 2 wheels instead of 4 flimsy spinners), which was a bit over carry-on size and weighed only about 3.5 lb. It made it through a 90-day trip to Spain during which it was rolled along all sorts of sidewalks (up to 2 miles round-trip between train station and hotel), mostly in 2-wheel mode. On Day 1 of my next trip, one of the wheels failed on my way to the hotel. I have no idea whether it was damaged by the airline or just worn out. The frame of the bag seemed OK. I rotated the wheels and got another 30 days of use out of it, then a second wheel failed and I no longer had a bag with 2 working back wheels.

I believe they're using double wheels now, so the risk of failure may be less.

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Thanks everyone for your info. I do have a T.J. Max not too far from me, so I will take a look at what they have.

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I wouldn't buy luggage at those discount stores. I swear by Travelpro, I have several Platinum line items and several Maxlite 4 pieces. You want a durable suitcase with really good zippers if you're going to check it.

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Expensive luggage can be damaged as much as inexpensive in my opinion and like others here, some of us buy luggage like women buy shoes.... so I buy cheaper. Next year it might be too big for the airline of use and another size needs to be purchased.
I have both a 21 and 25 inch IT. Filled, the 25 is not going to last 10 years of frequent use but enough for me as I rarely check a bag. The lighter weight is he trade off and I loved the four wheels and light weight. The 21 is even better.

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Hi Diane,

IT bags are almost paper thin. There is the "Lucas" brand which is lightweight but the material is more durable and could withstand "checking in." Most are spinners though.

Try Travel Pro from Macy' I have that luggage. It is lightweight, has a ton of room and held up very well as a checked on my last trip to Rome.

I have these: (I got such a good deal that I bought two colors.) Sale, coupons, free shipping. I think they came under $70. Actually, one was about $55.

But, the price that is shown "now" is still good. Luggage is really nice. I love the big wheels. It states "Closeout" but I've seen that for two years, lol.

There is also this choice:

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I am leaning toward the Travelpro 25". I have the Travelpro carry on that I really like.

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Sierra Trading Post (online or in-store) often has well-made discontinued colors/models from Eagle Creek. IMO they're a cut above the luggage that ends up at the other TJ Maxx family of stores.

Good reliable brands include ebags, samsonite, delsey. Eddie Bauer, travelsmith, eagle creek, LLBean, etc.. I like to buy a "tried and true" brand. These are good value brands. Of course, there are (my opinion) high dollar brands like Tumi and Briggs&Riley. I think these last two brands are more designed (features) for the business attire traveler than the casual, recreational traveler. At a certain price point - you are buying designer appeal more than function. The opposite could be said about cheapo luggage - you are sacrificing durability for cost savings. Bring along some duct tape and dental floss/heavy needle.