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Aer Lingus carry-on size

I purchased the Osprey Ozone 22" for this trip with the intention of carrying it on the plane. It's total dimensions add up to 45". But the airline limit is 21.5". Their dimensions add up to 46.5" though. In other words, my bag is a half inch too tall, but a bit narrower and shallower. Anyone have experience with Aer Lingus? Thanks

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I flew with them in 2012 from Dublin to Edinburgh.

It was my first time flying with them and solo travel in general and i believe i carried my Porter 45 (22 inch) onboard with me. Just a note, even though the plane was 80 empty, they dont allow you to jump seats. It was a short hop so i didnt care where i sat and if my carry on was with me since i was going to be in Edinburgh for several days.

your mileage may vary,

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Have you actually measured the bag or are you going with the dimensions they give?

When I measured the bag, I got 23 1/2 inches tall. The "22" was the bag without wheels and handle.

Whether or not a bag is allowed on is up to the gate agent.


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Aer Lingus' regional puddle jumpers have even more restrictive carry-on bag limits because of the smaller overheads. They also may or may not also enforce weigh limits. Airlines want to avoid having seated passengers injured by heavy bags dropped as folks try to stuff oversize and overweight bags in the overhead. Try not to look like you are struggling with the bag and try to board early to get overhead space.

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I just measured and came up with 22.25". The handle is squishy, and doesn't add anything to the height. I know that if I try to carry-on I might get gate checked, but even that is preferable to checking the bag. Especially since I have a connection in Dublin with only 65" which might not be enough for the baggage handlers.

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If your bag gets gate checked because it is judged to be oversized as cabin luggage it is likely that you will have to pay the hold luggage fee.

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I've read on the website about the fees they charge in Europe, but I'm flying from New York City, and they allow one free bag. I haven't found anything on the website about having to gate-check in that situation. But I may end up checking my wheeled bag anyhow, since I've discovered my "personal item" is larger than they permit. It would then count as my carry-on.
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