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Packed for The Loire and South of France Tour, May 1st. Tips or suggestions?

Packing for The Loire and South of France Tour, May 1
My RS rolling suitcase weighs 8 pounds. Atlantic rolling duffle weighs 5. 5 pounds.
Originally packed RS bag weighed 22.8 pounds; Atlantic rolling duffle weighed 20.3.

First downsize eliminated one pound: RS bag 21.8, Atlantic duffle 19.3
Second downsize eliminated one pound: RS bag 20.8; Atlantic duffle 18.3

First downsize removed “what if” scenarios and some personal indulgements.
Second downsize removed two clothing items and some toiletry items.

I'm glad that I am learning to pack lighter.

Packed Atlantic Rolling Duffle: All else I'm wearing or in my boarding bag.
Open Fly Light cardigan
Laced walking shoes filled with my stockings.
LS top
LS Blouse
SS tops 2
Tank Top
Spaghetti strap tee
Lingerie: underwear 4, bra 1
Pj bottom & Top
Neck scarf
Bathing Suit
Jewelry: Necklace, bracelet, two pairs of earrings.
TSA tab zip lock bag 5” x 7”
RS medium toiletry Bag
Zip lock: Medications (two), OTC remedies (four), 7 day planner
Zip lock laundry kit: sink stop, clothesline, clothes pins, microfiber towel, soap packets
Two hangars
Electronics kit: adaptors (2), flash drive, AAA batteries (2) for alarm & flashlight, camera
and iPhone chargers, camera computer cord.
Misc’ Mesh bag: Travel alarm, Mini flashlight, Foot care, sewing kit, shoelaces, duct tape, pen, mechanical pencil, highlighter, fine sharpie; magnifying glass, spare luggage lock & key, Bifocal sunglasses
Snack mesh bag: collapsible cup, combo plastic spoon-serrated edge fork; snack bars,
packaged snack size almond nuts, sugar free hard candy.
Assorted sizes of tab zip lock baggies
Empty RS tote bag

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I'm starting in Paris and meeting the tour group May 4th. I realize now putting May 1st will raise flags since that is not the starting tour date. Sorry...

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Your list sounds pretty comprehensive, and now that the bag is down to 20 pounds, it's manageable. Between your two bags, which is easier to handle if you have to walk a few blocks with it, or walk through the airport, or if you have to carry it up a couple of flights of stairs? Do you have a beach/walking sandal? Remember, you can buy most common supplies there, but shoes that are broken in or bras that fit can be harder to shop for. Don't bring TOO many snacks, but a few are handy if you wake up in the middle of the night with jetlag.

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I was thinking of tossing in a pair of flip flops. All the hotels but one have a spa jacuzzi or spa pool and jacuzzi. I'm wearing slip on walking shoes and bringing the laced walking shoes. If it was summer I'd take sandals and leave the slip on shoes home. Thanks.

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Hi Diane,

Looks good to me. Too bad you're not going at the end of June - I'm doing the same tour and we could have driven to Logan together! ;).

Also, here's a trick if you can't go over weight on your carry-on due to airline restrictions - before they weigh your bag at the counter, take a few of the heavier things out of your bag and put them in your pockets/purse. Then, after they weigh it, walk away and before you get to the security line, just put them back in your carry-on.

I'm not recommending your bring a whole bunch more stuff, but if over by a pound or so, it could help you out. :)

Have fun!

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I vote to add the flipflops. Sometimes it is nice in the evenings to give your feet an airing in flipflops when you are back in your room! Your list looks good to me.

You may not have listed it because it's going in your purse, but are you taking reading material and guide book?

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I take a magazine and a small language guide. I'm going to Kinkos to make a binder of just the pages I need. The France guide book is heavy. They go in my boarding bag. Normally I rest/nap after the dinner service as my eyes are too tired by that time to read. I like having the guide pages as the Tour guide refers to them during the trip.

Gretchen, yes, that wouldh've been awesome. I'd love to attend the monthly group meetings.
Could you PM on that matter? I lost my old mail box when they changed the forum so I lost everyone's names and telephone numbers. I hadn't put them in my contact list yet. I lost all my
posts, too. I did change my e-mail address so that is maybe the reason, too.