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Share tips on packing light, travel gear, etc

Pack light. Share your creative tricks to fit your world into a small bag for a European trip. Or, since we all slip a goofy little extra in, which soothing, handy, or fun packing extravagances can you justify? If it is about packing for your big trip, discuss here.

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How much grief do we get if we use a 25" roller?
pattipitkin 20
How much do your clothes weigh?
Jeanine 19
If I wanted a travel backpack. . . .
Lola 20
Daybags..RFD or not??
Barb Z 18
Another newbie question on luggage retrieval
peggy 20
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Packable bag
rlm97405 20
Backpack for very small person
katbowles5 20
Yoga pants
Shelly 20
Packing meds
Julie 20
Light luggage
Ina 19
Two Useful New-ish Products
acraven 20
Packable snacks
scuseme 20
Has anyone located a good 3 ounce hairspray?
Adrienne 20
Which back pack to take
jajomax 20
Carry on rolling luggage or backpack?
Mary BP 20
What to pack 10 days Venice, Florence and Rome in Mid-october
Sweetpea13 20
The perfect small purse
horsewoofie 19
Bag Addict Alert!
Sun-Baked in... 20
The new RS Crossbody travel bag
Barbara 19
Maximizing space and staying organized
Frank II 20
keeturn4 19
Rain jacket PLUS another jacket?
keeturn4 20
Anyone familiar with the ULA Dragonfly pack?
Cindy H 20
New Way to Cut baggage weights
Frank II 20
REI deal: Osprey Porter 46 travel pack (2021.04.22 only)
bogiesan 20
Wool t-shirt recommendations for women?
edgefield 18
Shout out and thank you to all the packing cube posts!
Mardee 20
Collapsible duffle
jules m 20
Packing less..
Steve 20
Men's Shirts
Frank II 20
Longchamp Le Pliage Large tote...organizer insert?
Pam 20
Packing - 21 Day Europe - June 18th, 2023
nateerickson81 20
My lovely new tech organizer bag
Mardee 20
Ladies packing Central Europe September
LF 20
Do I need to pack the Swimsuit?
rvrgoddess 20
Packing report – 2 weeks in sizzling hot Greece
DebVT 20
Need (or want): crossbody iphone case and small clamshell backpack
TexasTravelmom 20
Pill travel hack
Cerastez 20
It just occurred to me….
S J 20
Help with toiletries for 3-1-1
jpl 21
More on 20-inch carry-on
stoutfella 21
What do you think of this carryon?
Lulu 21
Rick's 'Euro Flight Bag'
Toni 21
Can I get away with a short skirt in Italy?
Lulu 20
light rain jacket for a chick who can run hot
Hazel 21
Are we in trouble?
Nance 21
packing a pillow
janembj27 19
Yet another convertible backpack thread
SandraL 21
Packing like Sarah
cala 20