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Bag suggestions

I am looking for a "personal item" bag with the following:

No larger than 40 x 30 x 15 cm (15.7 x 11.8 x 5.9 inches)

Shoulder/Messenger style

One large compartment vs lots of pockets

Trolley strap to attach the bag to my wheelie handles

No need to mention Rick Steves or Tom Bihn products as I am aware of them.

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Timbuk2 makes some good stuff. I have a Timbuk2 backpack and a (smaller, "weekend" style") duffel and each one has served me well through regular use. They offer a number of messenger bags, as well. I had one some years back though ended up giving that to a relative. If I recall, it had a strap that I used to attach it to a roller but I think that strap might have been a kind of handle that just worked well as a trolley strap/sleeve. So that's something someone might have to call/email them about. It had some extra pockets but I never found them intrusive (which is to say, I dislike when some bags have so many extra pockets and sleeves they render the main compartment useless or encroach upon it too much, even when leaving those extra pockets empty. I didn't find that to be the case with this one).

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I carry a Baggallini on every trip. Lots of styles, sizes, and colors beyond the one I linked to. One thing I love is that I can wash them. I put my bags in a lingerie bag and into the washing machine after every trip.

EDIT: shoot, Frank, I didn’t see it was you. 🥴 You probably want a more manly bag. 😛 Moleskin makes a nice messenger bag Reporter bag. Hubby has one.

Look at RedOxx Metro bag. It's not cheap though.
Go to - use your criteria and the left side filters. You can pick the features. The filters will zero-in on appropriate bags for you. may have a shoulder tote bag with a trolley strap. It's worth a look.

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Just an aside - if you find a bag that is perfect, except for not having a trolley strap, you could have a shoe repair service attach one. Just measure the size of a strap that has worked well and purchase sturdy fabric that seems appropriate for this purpose. has about 20 of them in different price/size/feature range.
Go to Search "messenger bags." Then, go to left side filters. Under "feature" category - click on "luggage strap." Most of these bags have a trolley strap. (samsonite, timbuk2, Manhattan portage, etc..)

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Why don’t you find a seamstress to make you one? This sounds like pretty simple construction you are looking for; you know what you want, in what size. Have it made to your specifications!!

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I think I may have found what I want. I ordered it and will let everyone know how it works out.

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Looking forward to finding out what you found and how it works for you!!

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This is what I've been using for two years as my only bag. It's holding up fine.

I searched for it as "shoulder bag for frontier airlines" because I wanted it to meet the strictest carry on requirements. I used it on a Ryanair hop from Dublin to Leeds and back in May.

It's soft so as long as you don't pack it completely full, you won't have any problems.

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Anyone remember the Pan Am flight bags?

This classic Pan Am bag is back! The Innovator introduced us to the
60's and the jet age while traveling inside the United States. If you
flew Pan Am first class in the 60's this was the bag you threw over
your shoulder and hit the ground running with! A great carry-all then
and now for any occasion. Leather soft PU outer shell with printed
cotton/nylon lining, 50" adjustable strap with pretty rectangular
metal slide and embossed Pan Am logo on front. The innovator bag
measures 14" x 14" x 4" and is a sleek black color.