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Dining scarf - AKA Adult bib

I have been thinking a lot about my upcoming 2.5 week trip to Germany and Poland. I really want to pack light and have several long sleeve knit tops in solid colors that will work great for my wardrobe. My only problem in that I heavy chested and am one of those people that ALWAYS drops something on myself during dinner. Even if it’s a drop of olive oil, you now have a stain and no way to get it out.

Anyway, I was talking to my husband about the crazy idea of going to the fabric store and getting some strips of fabric the same color of my tops to discretely tuck in at meals. His thought was just to use a napkin, but I feel like a three year old with a napkin tucked in. But I have to have SOMETHING,

So I figured if I had thought of it, so had other people. So I started Googling. There are a LOT of different variations! I bought this “dinner scarf” on Etsy that seems like it might do the trick. It looks like a normal scarf, but has lapels that are folded under until you’re ready to eat. I bought this specific one so that I could see how it works. If I like it, I’ll use it as a pattern to make a couple more out of lightweight fabrics.

Dinner Scarf from Etsy

Has anyone used anything like this? I have to do something to keep my shirts from getting stained!

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What about just taking 1-2 long lightweight colorful patterned scarves? They wouldn’t show a stain if you drop something on them. And you can tie them so they are draped over the stain-catching area. Or, bring a decorative pin to pin the two edges together while sitting.

A tiny Tide stain stick might help, too.

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Melody, that's a great idea and I like the one you linked to. That should be easy to pattern and replicate.

I feel your pain, btw. Until I had my breast reduction surgery last year (best thing I ever did!), I had the same problem. Good for you for coming up with a solution like that!

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What a great idea, Melody! Gosh, even if not generously endowed, the "bib" would be a great solution for oops-prone individuals like Yours Truly. 🙄

Jean, a scarf would be a good answer too as long as it wasn't silk or other high-maintenance fabric.

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If you happen to drop something on your clothing, when you get back to your hotel, grab one of those complimentary shampoo bottles and put a slight amount on the spot and then wash it and blot with a towel. Repeat if necessary. Shampoos have a detergent quality because of hair oils and this often, but not always, works.

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What a marvelous idea. I've never thought of this, but when you are trying to pack light and not do laundry often this makes sense. I think in my case, I could use some of my old scarves from when I worked to develop my own "bib."

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Even those of us not " heavily chested" have this habit. Thanks for sharing!

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I travel with a tiny bottle of "Zout", a stain remover that has always done a good job for me on food stains.

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Brilliant! Just go ahead and use your "bib" but call it a scarf--psychology matters. I too sweat staining any of my clothes on vacation. You're just not going to be able to treat any of your clothes the same on vacation as you would at home--use the scarf and whichever ones you make. I think you may be starting a trend.

Btw, I was given a cloth napkin by a flight attendant a few years ago which had a button hole in it--so in the good old days, airlines also made sure the "stain monster" didn't happen.

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Posted by Lindy
Btw, I was given a cloth napkin by a flight attendant
a few years ago which had a button hole in it--so in the good old
days, airlines also made sure the "stain monster" didn't happen.

I don't know where she got them and it has been many years, but a cousin gave my Mom some napkins like this. Nice crisp cloth napkins with a button hole in the corner.

I think I like the "large spreadable scarf" look better. Looks less like a bib. And probably more size friendly.

And multi-functional - colorful accessory, neck warmer, head scarf, emergency sling, as well as bib.

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khansen's last sentence reminded me of the emergency first aid courses that I had to take back in highschool,
so let me suggest that you google 'cravat bandage' for more potential uses for this kind of scarf/bib accessory....

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Melodyesch, this is brilliant! Can you tell how the two sides stay together? Are there magnets sewn inside the fabric?

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Hercule Poirot used his napkin as a bib. If it is good enough for him, it is good enough for me.

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Good idea. In Germany there are so many things to mess you up. Curry wurst, mustard, sauerkraut, dripping street sausages. And in Poland you don’t want to have a blueberry pierogie slip onto yourself.

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Same issue. I always travel with a couple of cheap scarves for this reason. Rinse out at night. Or if I miss the scarf as I try to do if wearing a silk scarf, the scarf covers the blot.

My other technique is to hold the napkin in my non-active hand on my Chest, not quite as bad as tucking it in, LOL, in my opinion.

What I've always wondered is, do flat chested people end up with the spills in their laps?