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Great Price on a Womens' Rain Jacket (Eddie Bauer)

I bought one of these for fall/winter travel after seeing it recommended here:

It is not as compact as the much-loved Marmot Precip, but is warmer and very attractive for city wear ( it doesn't look like hiking gear). I took mine to Japan last November and it was perfect for the rainy days.

The price with the discount code is only $59.99!

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Looks great and I’ve tried to order one but it won’t accept the discount code says “ conditions have not been met “ ?

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Clicking on the "conditions" where the 'condition not met' comes up reveals the fine print of "cannot be combined with other offers"

Lola, what is the secret to get the $59 price?

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It appears they are applying a 40% President's Day promotion, based on a higher "original" price of $179.99. So the system isn't allowing what it thinks is a second promo code (PEAK40) to be applied to get the $59.99 price,

I bet if you call them they can adjust it. Or wait until after the site wide President's Day promotion ends.... assuming the jacket is still in stock.

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I just ordered one and it took the discount fine. The final price was different actually, $50.00 - plus tax and free shipping for next week arrival. Thanks Lola for the heads up. I've been looking for exactly this.

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That IS a very attractive jacket! Sadly I think I am probably a bit too round for it!!

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As with most EddieBauer items, the raincoat is available in many sizes, including plus sizes.

The discount wasn't working last night, but it's working fine this morning.

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I bought this same coat in teal last September (they were clearancing that color I think so same price) and I love it. Plan to take to Switzerland in Sep. Love the longer length and semi fitted styling.

Kim I'm a bit round too and the princess seams help with that.

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I also just ordered one for the $50 price - thanks so much for the info!!

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Code seems to be working today.
Could you all give me some recommendation on the sizing? I often use my raincoat over my packable down coat. Is the raincoat true to size, or tends to be larger/smaller than standard? Thanks so much for this tip- great color options available!
Safe travels!

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Sizing: that is a little hard for me to judge as I am off the bell curve on the small size end, and I prefer a close fit, not "relaxed". But I would say it is fairly true to size or slightly small. My XS ( regular size, not Petite) has room for an insulating layer underneath (including my puffy down jacket) without feeling at all tight. Notably, it does not bind at the sleeves/shoulders. It is roomier than my Patagonia Torrentshell jacket in XS that I wear for hiking.

But with the free shipping, you could order two sizes to try. You would have to pay for shipping back the one that doesn't work, however.

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Lola, thx for posting this, as I do like a long rain coat. I probably will order two sizes. I have a great long raincoat made by Exofficio, [great buy from Sierra Trading awhile ago], but it's tobacco brown, and just doesn't mesh with the colors of my travel clothes. And- I get tired of looking the same in all my travel photos- different countries, same outerwear. [ Definitely a first-world problem, I acknowledge .]
Thanks again for sharing!

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Here is another sale link (40% off) in case the other one doesn't work. If the Mackenzie trench coat doesn't appear on the page ( scroll down) just search for it by name.

Unfortunately my favorite Elysian tencel jeans are not included in the sale. But I could use a couple of v-next tees for $18.

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I ordered this at the sale price with no problem - thanks! I'm hoping it looks just slightly more "citified" and less like just a raincoat than my Columbia raincoat (which is fine for hiking and more casual stuff). If it's not perfect, can always return it.

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I've been shopping with Eddie Bauer for decades. There is an EB outlet store here in Boise and a retail store at the mall. I have many EB items including down jackets, cotton pants and shorts, silk skin layers, more. Over the last few years, I have watched as EB's pricing system went from seasonal sales and clearances to what I call "always on sale". That is, nothing is EVER list price at EB. Never. Which means that a $300 down jacket promoted as "on sale, 50% off!" for $150 is not really discounted at all; $150 is the regular price. That jacket is only a legitimate bargain when it's clearance priced for $75.

When I find something at the store or online that I think I want, I watch and wait. Eventually it ends up on the clearance rack and then I wait a few more days or weeks for the (usually unannounced) "clearance sale of clearance items" event. And THAT is the moment to strike! Exercising such patience means I rarely score the exact item, size, or color I wanted but doesn't that suggest I didn't really need it in the first place?

Eddie Bauer's quality is not what it used to be. I suppose that's to be expected these days. Comparing my new down jacket side by side with the older unit from 15 years ago, it is easy to see where shortcuts were made and costs cut (not as many carefully aligned and felled seams, sloppy butted seams, fewer stitches per inch, sewn-through down pockets instead of offset baffles, thinner pocket lining material, cheaper and rougher zippers, less reliable hanging loop, less elastic in the cuffs, smaller zipper garage, &c). However, my EB down jackets will easily last 20 years because I take care of them.

Eddie Bauer remains a good brand for some stuff. You've just got to shop carefully and resist that urge to push the BUY NOW! button without comparison shopping.

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I agree with everything Bogiesan said, especially onnthe pricing. I never pay full price at Eddie Bauer. But if I really want or need a specific item, Inwillmbuybat 40% off rather than waiting for a deeper discount. I usually have a $10off certificate I can apply, as a member of their rewards program.

I got started with Eddie Bauer 50 years ago when I moved to Fairbanks and needed a jacket for the extreme cold (Fairbanks is know for winter temps as low as 60 below F, although it is more usual to be 20-40 below at worst. Eddie Bauer made serious e petition gear in those days, and the best option if one wasn't climbing Everest was the heavier Eddie Bauer Polar Parka, with premium goose down insulation and a real fur ruff on the hood ( wolf or coyote). Only real fur will resist icing up in icefog conditions. Of course these days they do not use real fur so the new iteration of the Polar Parka has fake fur on the ruff. And they no longer offer a size XS which is what I wore. It is still rated down to 40 below, however.

This is a photo of one of the "vintage" Polar Parkas like mine:

And this is the "Superior Polar Parka" they now offer:

( Note the reduced price).

As for quality, yes the quality of some items has gone down a bit, especially since the company was bought by someone else ( I forget who owns the brand now). But I only have one item with a mis-aligned seam. The quality of their down is still fairly good, although of course it comes from China. But the quality and fill power of down is only a serious concern to mountaineers, not casual travelers.

One thing that makes their products especially useful is the range of size categories. Most of their women's clothes are offered in Petite, Regular, Tall, and Plus, and within most categories they have XS, S, M, L and XL. This means that a tall slender woman does not have to buy a L or XL to get pants and sleeves long enough for her arms and legs. My tall friends love that.