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Share tips on packing light, travel gear, etc

Pack light. Share your creative tricks to fit your world into a small bag for a European trip. Or, since we all slip a goofy little extra in, which soothing, handy, or fun packing extravagances can you justify? If it is about packing for your big trip, discuss here.

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Rolling grocery cart for travel
lisaew 15
Packing for river cruise
lisahba 22
Anyone use convertible carry on backpacks instead of spinners?
lisettedasilva8 19
I think I'm failing to pack heavy
LIssie 13
Devastated - does a CPAP mean the end of independent travel.
LIssie 34
Passport - Carry at all times?
listenaudiology 33
Best travel pillow?
livegreen27 21
Taking Mini Flat Iron to Europe
liz 24
Wardrobe Picks for 3 weeks In Europe
liz 44
Make Up or No Makeup
liz 52
Money belts & Teenagers-- who carries the passports?
Liz 10
which suitcase?
Liz 16
My source for teeny toiletry containers
LIZinPA 🧳 24
Speaking of warm layers to pack
LIZinPA 🧳 2
Has anybody else used a Speed Queen laundromat in Europe?
LIZinPA 🧳 8
Confession: I don't wear black. 😮
LIZinPA 🧳 25
Any other Outdoor Research fans? 25% off sale.
LIZinPA 🧳 3
Packing meds anecdote
LIZinPA 🧳 1
My choice for corralling hotel room stuff
LIZinPA 🧳 27
Outdoor Research 25% off sale
LIZinPA 🧳 2
Sink washing in Scandinavia has been challenging
LIZinPA 🧳 15
Packing Report for Ladies after three weeks abroad.
lizthemadhatter 11
My Way Alpine Ladies Packing Report
lizthemadhatter 10
Best of Sicily Ladies Packing Report
lizthemadhatter 24
Traveling light in Europe in the winter??
lkalita 25
Trekking poles
lnbsig 🌍 17
Packing (obsessively) for 18 night France trip, starts 7 October
lnbsig 🌍 24
Personal item - AA vs. BA
lnbsig 🌍 3
Pants with wide, stretchy, yoke-like waistbands
Lo 17
Packing light, layering and staying comfortable in the UK in May-June. What worked and...
Lo 17
Backpack Temptation
Lo 48
Favorite Luggage Scale
Lo 12
Quilting Safety Pins to secure RS Hidden Pocket
Lo 13
Need advice on 3 different Eagle Creek Expanse bags
Lo 11
Does anyone have the 38L 19.5" Osprey Ozone Global Carry-On Wheeled bag?
Lo 9
Bag storage in overhead bins on planes
Lo 19
Packing styles according to the Washington Post's Travel: By The Way
Lo 17
Ravenna or Rolling Carry On?
lois 5
Shoes that work in the rain
lois 16
Luggage limit on RS tour?
LoKro 23
Make sure your phone number is on ( or in) your checked bag!
Lola 26
Jag jeans at Amazon
Lola 3
How to pack for Florida Keys, Patagonia, and New York!
Lola 9
My new favorite pants ("jeans") for travel
Lola 17
If I wanted a travel backpack. . . .
Lola 20
Sleeveless maxi dress for Vienna in September?
Lola 4
Linen drawstring pants in September? ( Slovenia and Austria)
Lola 5
EB sale on a nice travel-friendly dress
Lola 17
TSA and powders
Lola 9
Prana Halle pants for women on sale
Lola 3