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Zipplicity travel pillow

Has anyone used the zipplicity pillow on planes? I saw an ad for it this morning and I like the idea of it. It’s U shaped and if it was packed with leggings, pajamas, shirts etc., it might actually be comfortable, plus aren’t pillows allowed without being considered a personal item? There’s probably a less expensive version of it out there somewhere too.

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Thanks for sharing this item, I think this would be a good gift for my wife. We might leave it empty and in our carry on on the way over to Europe and fill it up on the way back with clothes so we would have some room to bring back souvenirs in our carry on bags.

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Interesting idea. It is pricey and conservative me is thinking I could make it. Yes, I've carried on pillows separately. I've also been told cooler bags/food for plane is also a "free" carry on. Of course, it probably differs by airline. I've occasionally carried on an old bed pillow that I've cut in half and resewn. I put it in a pillow case and have put a few extra things for the flight into the pillow case.

My problem is that if I have multiple separate items to carry, I tend to lose things. I did once almost leave my neck pillow once. Fortunately, a fellow passenger noticed.

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I bought a similar brand several years ago that was a long tube that bent around your neck. Thought it would be a great idea to keep the suitcase within size limits. I never used it. Difficult to pack comfortably and I didn’t want to carry something additional. Someone on the forum used the one I bought, said it was awful and threw it away on her trip.

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Has anyone taken a neck pillow on board--outside of a bag--and been allowed to take it with you as well as your other carry on?

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I used the Samonsite Travel Pillow Cover ($15 in Canada) and stuffed it with a couple of sweaters, a hat, and mitts for our November 2021 trip to Amsterdam and Italy. It worked very well.

I always travel with a travel pillow of some sort, and I've never had anyone say I couldn't bring it on the plane or have to count it as my personal item. I either wear it on my neck as I board, or hook it onto my carryon.

I couldn't find it at a US source, but here's another option (much cheaper than Zipplicity):

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After reading some of the comments, I decided to order it so I could see it up close and since it has free returns. I kind of like the idea of making my own unless this one somehow knocks my socks off. I’ll let you know what I think. 😊