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Headphones for Hearing Aid Wearers

Are the audio tours connected to headphones by Bluetooth? Does a person who wears hearing aids need over-ear headphones, or can he connect to the audio information through his Bluetooth hearing aids? What about bone conducting headphones?

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The tours I've taken have used "whisper" sets where you carry a little box on a lanyard and use a wired earbud to hear the guide. The sets are given out before the first walking tour and collected after the last one. I wear hearing aids and I've tried over-ear headphones, which are too heavy and bulky for me, and removing one hearing aid for the tour, which is risky. I've used a device like this, with a D-shaped loop to hold in place and no need to insert in the ear. It works OK if it fits, but I've been through several till I got the right fit. Never seen Bluetooth used this way on a tour.

The foolproof solution would be wired headphones, but they take up space, can be delicate, and cost more than earbuds.