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It took me two years, but I finally got the folding Bluetooth keyboard that Frank II recommended

In this thread

It's a perfect solution for me — I am a bit odd in that I don't want what is usually probably the preferred solution for an iPad keyboard, which is one that is connected to a case. My husband has one, and I have one for work, and they are fine, but I really like the pouch I made myself for my iPad and don’t want to house my iPad in a strong case like the Logitech Slim Combo case and keyboard my husband has (it is nice and sturdy, and nice to type with, but I simply like my iPad to be slimmer and weigh less).

This allows me to use my soft pouch for my iPad and have the keyboard for when I need it. And as Frank said, it folds up into a compact package. (I find the engineering quite elegant, and the keys have a good touch feel).

Thanks to Frank for the recommendation!

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I've been giving some thought to the idea of a portable keyboard, and that looks like a great solution and a good quality product. I'm assuming it will also work with iPhones. I checked the link that Frank II provided in the earlier thread, and it appears there's also a newer model of that keyboard available (at higher cost, of course). Is the keyboard "full sized" as on a regular computer, or more compact as on some Netbooks?

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Our sons often refer to us as, "slow adapters." Maybe that applies to Kim.

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@FrankIi: haha, now I will have to get the new one.

@Ken- it is more the size of a netbook keyboard, a bit small, but so far I have found it fine. It appears that the company did address complaints from many earlier reviewers who complained that 1) the right Shift key was too small compared to the up and down arrow keys and 2) the Backspace key was too small. When I looked at the photos they had appended to their reviews about the difficulties that the key size/placement was causing them, I could plainly see that the keys are now bigger and better situated.

The bigger keyboard also has backlighting if necessary, which this one doesn’t.

I do love the engineering of this piece!!

And yes it would work fine for iPhone, a tablet, an Android phone, anything. People in the reviews were using it for all kinds of combinations (and you can set up channels to pair it with up to three different devices that you can then switch between).

Off to check out FrankII’s new link!!

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Good thing I'm still researching keyboards! The new keyboard that Frank II mentioned might be a better fit, as it's "full sized" and more like the ones that I'm comfortable with. There are too many choices!