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Travel Pillow. TRTL?

Any recommendations? I was looking at the TRTL Travel Plus. Anyone currently using it?

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I've tried a lot of different things. My current favorite is to bring an old regular bed pillow on the plane and throw it away when I get off the flight.

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I have the TRTL and can you believe I have been on two domestic flights and both times forgot it. They were short flights but it would have been perfect for testing it out. Sorry I can’t be more helpful.

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I used mine more often on the bus, more than on any planes.
The thing about travel pillows is you need to try them, which is almost impossible. The different product designs work for different human designs. No way to tell by looking at them if one particular style will work for your sleeping style in a particular seat. Mine is inflatable so adjustable, conventional u-shape, ultralight Aeros unit from Sea To Summit:

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I have a TRTL and have used it with mixed results. I enjoyed the neck support, but it's like wearing a soft micro fleece scarf around your neck. I often got too warm while wearing it. Depending on the cabin temp you may or may not find it comfortable. It's lightweight and easy to pack in your carry-on.

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I have used a TRTL on a few international flights. I sleep on my stomach at home, so I liked that I could lean my head forward instead of to the side. But, as others have mentioned, it can begin to feel warm - sometimes that’s a positive, sometimes a negative depending on the plane temperature.

I wish the design could fold or separate into a flat piece, so it was easier to pack during the rest of the trip. I move to several locations by train when I’m traveling, and that was the main reason I began leaving it at home.

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I was looking at the TRTL Pillow Plus. I guess it isnt that fleece fabric anymore. I just need to know if I can still wear my headphones

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I had the original fleece version of the TRTL and my neck was so sweaty from that thing! It sounds like they’ve changed the fabric though. The support was great. You won’t be able to wear over ear headphones but earbuds should be ok.