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Valet bag check for business class

Hi everyone!
I'm traveling to Kenya in two weeks, and like everyone else, I'm strategizing on packing in case my bag gets lost. I fly from Charlotte to Heathrow on American, and Heathrow to Nairobi on British Air (all on one ticket).

Someone told me today if I am flying business class, I might be able to valet check my bag at the gate. I am planning to bring a backpack (personal item), a 21 inch spinner as a carryon, and a 21 inch spinner to check.

Is this option available for the bag I plan to check anyway if I'm flying business? Has anyone ever done this? I'm having anxiety about my bag being lost and never finding me on safari. However, I don't know how this would work or if all airlines allow it.

Thanks for answering if you have any experience.

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You might want to be sure you understand exactly what "gate check" means and so what risk you are taking or avoiding. On a typical US domestic connecting flight, unless its a little plane, if you gate check your bag it is tagged to your final destination. You don't pick it up yourself on the jet way at your connecting airport after the first leg and then gate check it again for the second leg. I am not sure what happens on an international flight.

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I have gate checked a couple of times in Tulsa, and my bag was checked through all the way to Paris, and I retrieved it on the luggage carrousel at CDG.

You really need to ask your airline(s).

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if you're truly concerned you should look into third party companies that ship your bags for you. Fedex probably offers this as well.