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Oh the horror ! Wearing GAP in Capri, Santorini, and Mykonos

Ok, obviously what happened to this family with a missed flight, rerouting, and lost luggage that still hasn’t been recovered is definitely annoying. It’s pretty incredible too that a stranger took photos of their luggage in Florence (where it ended up) and sent it to them so at least they know where it ended up instead of with them.

But I couldn't help but chuckle at this quote from the mother after they had to shop in Rome to buy replacement clothes to go on their cruise (she had already pointed out that her lost luggage contained a Gucci clutch, a Prada belt, and a Chanel hat):

"I was a little disheartened to be on this amazing cruise and going to places like Capri, Santorini, and Mykonos wearing shorts and a t-shirt from the Gap," Khan said.

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Thanks for posting, I chuckled to read your title! I’m sorry for the lost luggage debacle of course. I sometimes bring clothes to wear that I discard later.

Definitely a “first world” problem. I understand travel stresses and losing luggage. I think this is especially true for people new to traveling. (I don’t know the ages or experiences of this particular family.). Perhaps, we travelers need to develop a “what if” mindset and have a few ideas in our heads to help us bounce back from a travel problem. RS could develop a trip recovery category for these types of issues.

I have learned a few things over the years from trips gone awry. I am thinking of mentally classifying checked luggage as semi-disposable. Then, carrying an overhead bin bag or underseat bag as a bail-out bag. The faster we can make decisions and put our trips in recovery mode - the less time and money we will waste and the greater our enjoyment will be.

Here’s another one - hotel is booked and won’t/can’t honor your previously booked and paid for reservation. Need to quickly find another hotel. Missing a connection for many reasons beyond one’s control. We need a website category called “How to Reboot your Vacation.”

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So true, Sun-Baked. I had a very tiny element of that when traveling with my brother and his family in Copenhagen last month.

(Being him, my sister-in-law, and my nieces ages 16 and 13.)

We were right at Nyhavn and were catching the HarborBoat (public transport waterbus) from there to Reffen, a cool place a ways away, easily reached by HarborBoat where there are tons of food trucks and a great atmosphere along the water.

We went to board, and we decided my brother would lead, the girls following him, then my sister-in-law and me bringing up the rear. My brother and the girls got on, and my sister-in-law hung back a bit, letting other on; then she boarded. I really can not stand trying to insert myself in a line, so I waited and let others enter again. Then came my turn to board -- and the guy from the Copenhagen transit aitbority who was standing there with a clicker counting off those boarding tsk-tsked at the lady in front of me and said "No." And same to me.

He had just counted the full number of people allowed on, and that was that !!!! The lady in front of me protested for a second, then gave up. .I sputtered and pointed to my sister-in-law just behind him and said "But my family is on there! at the same time that a girl behind my sister-in-law said the same thing with regard to her husband/boyfriend, who was the next behind me waiting to board.

The conductor (or whatever he's called) was giving no quarter - so the girl disembarked to join her husband and me on the quai, and the boat left.

I had a moment of feeling sorry for myself (and if I am honest, a bit of a mini-sob), and then I thought well I just have to use one of the less convenient ways to get there.

So I fired up my CityMapper and found another route that involved a walk and a bus, and went that way.

Of course my family made it to Reffen way before me, but I made it fine, and they waited on me to get food, and we had a great afternoon.

I know this is the stupidest mini example, but I thought in the minute that in addition to getting there instead of feeling sorry for myself that I had gotten refused from the boat, that it was also important to demonstrate to my nieces what we always talk about here - that travel takes flexibility, resourcefulness, and resilience.

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"I was a little disheartened to be on this amazing cruise and going to places like Capri, Santorini, and Mykonos wearing shorts and a t-shirt from the Gap," Khan said.

I can guarantee the the shops and restaurants in Capri etc were happy to take their money regardless of their dress.

I think we need to train ourselves to stop, take a deep breath and exhale, then let go of whatever. Then, ask ourselves if this is a life or limb or similar issue. If the answer is “no.” The next question to ourselves is “what are our options at this point?” Then, get back to a rerouted vacation as quickly as possible. Much easier said than done as I am sitting at home in my recliner.

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Ha, one of my favorite travel tops was purchased in the GAP at Philly International. I actually ended up with 5 of these tops in different prints.

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The Gap would be a couple of steps up for most of the travelers I see. I lost all sympathy at that point.

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Kim, thanks for sharing this. It reminds me of a lost luggage story in 2014. We met a lovely woman on our tour of Southern Italy/Sicily. She was an experienced traveler. She very calmly reported her luggage didn’t reach Rome. Her route was Oregon>Canada>Rome. She had an extra t-shirt in her personal carry on. Long story short, by the time we reached Positano we went shopping at a “local shop.” She bought a three piece outfit that could be sink washed. She also picked up an extra pair of shoes & lingerie items along the way. What I learned: Expect the unexpected. This woman never complained! She accepted her circumstances. She did the best she could. Her luggage was found in Canada and it was returned post trip. It ended up being one of the best trips for her & us. We have remained friends! Edited to add- agree, “Travel takes flexibility, resourcefulness & resilience.” Amen. ;)

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Judy, are you looking for a travel partner?

Stan, are you saying travelling in pajamas is de rigueur? How about a Jets' jersey, cargo shorts, and a John Deere hat? With a wad of tobacco in my cheek?

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To be seen in Gap shorts and tees in places like Capri, Santorini, Mykonos in summer, instead of a Gucci clutch, a Prada hat, and a Chanel belt. This is pretty much anecdotal evidence that God does indeed take care of fools and drunks.

Thanks for the laugh!

My husband went to a church convention years ago. His luggage didn’t make it. He’s a big guy. Another person attending the convention found out and “helped” him. He was loaned a large nightshirt that had a big picture of Daffy Duck on it. Husband was a good sport and wore it the first day when he was meeting everyone. Still makes me laugh. Wish I could have seen it. No photos.

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Stan, are you saying travelling in pajamas is de rigueur? How about a Jets' jersey, cargo shorts, and a John Deere hat? With a wad of tobacco in my cheek?

Was that you? Sorry I missed you. 😀

Everything but the Jets' jersey can be forgiven.

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Well, I'll bet they deleted all their travel photos......

When I'm traveling and I see other travelers, not locals; dripping in logo-ed, labelled, glitzy, designer clothes, especially the women in high heels trying to look flashy and navigate cobblestones and uneven roads in the heat......I just feel sorry for them!
Can't be comfortable.
Give me comfy Gap over Gucci etc any day.

I'm sorry they lost their luggage , but at least they were able to get dressed in new stuff.

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Have people not learned to put expensive items in the checked bags?
"Khan said she had already spent $3,000 on new items for the trip and had packed designer clothing, including a Gucci clutch, a Prada hat, and a Chanel belt."

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Oh, Kim. I love your own personal story from this summer. It sounds like several stories from my trip. On my first day, after missing my flight from London to Edinburgh by minutes, meaning I was going to sit in Heathrow for 6 hours and miss nearly a whole day with my friends already there - the people standing behind me as we waited to get new boarding passes were moaning stuff like “I can’t believe they didn’t hold that flight for us” and “Now what am I going to do?” I tried but could not keep my mouth shut but did say it with a big smile, “We’ll all live. It will be fine.” They were good sports. Ha! I don’t know about them, but I sure lived through it! 🤣 Even got a voucher for breakfast!

Then there was that time West Coach Motors sold regular bus tickets for the same return time from Fionnphort on Mull as their tour group - without enough space for everyone. So they actually made 7or 8 of us who were on the bus first get off and wait till the next (and last) bus 5 hours later. But the weather was nice and I had a great long visit with the Irish couple who also had to get off. Could have been a problem, but we just didn’t let it be.

It’s the summer for that. Choose your reaction. :)

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Anyone who packs "a Gucci clutch, a Prada hat, and a Chanel belt" in a checked bag is out of her mind. I have zero empathy.

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We wore our normal hiking clothes in Santorini walking from Fira to Oia. I really like the pics I took of the fashionistas getting off the cruise ships in their designer stuff.