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Adapter for France, Italy and Switzerland

Hi all. I've had an adapter I've used in Europe for many years. It works well and meets my needs, but I don't think it will work in Switzerland since apparently they're different than the other countries (not nearly enough!) I've visited. Is there one adapter you recommend that will work in Switzerland as well as other European countries? I'd like it to be as small as possible. When I look on amazon, I start to get overwhelmed by all the choices so thought I'd ask here. Thank you!

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This is what you want for Switzerland:

This is indeed the best one to get for Europe, as long as you are only interested in plugging in small appliances like mobile phone chargers.

This is the adapter I used in Switzerland. Never had a problem.

Watch out with this one. Because that is actually no longer legal in Switzerland. Since a few years sockets now must be recessed (but a lot of old installations of course still exist) so only plugs having flat hexagon shape of the C type or the J type will fit.

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In Switzerland now, Lauterbrunnen and Wengen and both 2 and 3 prong adapters work.

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I used my general Europe adapter all over Switzerland last summer and it was never an issue.

But I'm going to get the one that WengenK suggests for this summer's Switzerland days - wouldn't want to start a fire or the like, or maybe worse not be able to charge my phone :)

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Hmm, the one Carrie put a link to has only 2 prongs, which is what the one I already have has. I thought Switzerland needed a 3 prong plug. Maybe I can use the one I already have, which I like because I can plug a US plug into it, but I can also plug my chargers directly into it.

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From the Switzerland tourism website:

The standard continental type plug with two round pins, applied for
many electrical travel products, may be used without problem. Adaptors
are available in most hotels.

Just make sure it has the points on the end like in the one I linked to above.

The one that Rick Steves currently sells will also work: