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Looking for a good water sandal

I am in the market for a pair of water shoes/sandals. I want it to be supportive enough that I could walk up/down hills to a beach or do some light hiking and wear them while swimming. I have been looking at Keens "water shoes" but I can't tell if they are meant to be repeatedly submerged in water. I appreciate your suggestions!

Posted by ukkrazy
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I have used both Tevas and Chacos. Currently, I am using Chacos with the straps that go around the ankles which help keep your feet steady when walking on hot sand or rocks. The only thing about either Tevas or Chacos is that both are somewhat heavy so you would not actually swim very far in them. I still would recommend them over some type of water shoes that children wear.

Posted by Lo
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You might take a look at the Walking Co.'s Abeo line of H2O sandals specifically designed to be worn in the water. They are also designed for different kinds of foot support.

Posted by Laura B
San Francisco
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I've worn one pair of Keens for home and travel for five years -- and they have been through the washing machine (but not the dryer) numerous times as well as downpours in China and mountain lakes in California. Not swimming, but walking through water on rocky bottoms.

Posted by Kristen OP
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Thanks for the input! Found a pair of Keens on Zappos I think I will be happy with.

Posted by Linda
Santa Rosa, CA, USA
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I love my Keens. The only downside of Keens is that they tend to stink. You might consider throwing a ziplock with some baking soda in your suitcase. If you sprinkle some on at night, it helps with the smell. And it's not just me, I have heard this complaint from numerous Keens owners. Just thought it might be good to know...

Posted by Lo
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I've had Eccos do the stinky thing, but they were closed-in flats, so I thought it was my feet and not them. My husband has had Teva sandals, all open, all the time, do the same thing. I'm guessing this has been such a problem that many manufacturers now brag about their microbial systems that keep their shoes from stinking.

Posted by Kristen OP
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Thanks for the warning Linda! My travel companions also thank you!

Posted by Stacey
Pinole, CA, USA
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I bought a pair of keens 8 eight years ago and still use them.

Posted by Edgar
Medford, OR, USA
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My Keens are pretty robust and have close to full toe caps. No stubbed toes.

The downside is the Keens are essentially shoes in weight and bulk. The Keen H2 Newports weigh about 1 lbs 12 oz, on the same order as trainers. And with the rigid toe cap and stout heel cup, they don't flatten like flip flops.

Posted by akros
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My Tevas are great for the water and for walking miles. Keens seem to run too wide for me.

Posted by Donna
Cleveland, OH
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Love my Keens. Just returned from a beach vacation and wore them every morning and evening to walk on the beach. They weren't too heavy and dried quickly. When I got home I tossed them in the washer and they look like new.