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Fjord trip planning
Kristi 1
Pentecost and Whit Monday holidays in Norway?
Kristin 0
NIN from Bergen Cruise Port
Kristin 1
Flam to Balestrand--Norled ferry, express boat departing at 15:30
ksteele 4
Leaving Oslo and Headed to Bergen - how to go, where to stay, what to do!
kthompson360 2
10 day itinerary, help please
kuhanson 4
Railway shutdown for!!
kuhanson 1
Norway in Late March/Early April
kwpelser 5
Norway Open to US Visitors?
laceyan 2
Seeking Advice for Norway trip this March 2018
lackerwoman 5
Norway by RV? Any experience? itineraries? tips?
lafayette 2
Last 4 nights in Norway, how to end up in Oslo? And Route help please!
laheye 0
Information on Customs/Checkins at OSL
lai.m.cor 4
Renting large vehicles/Car rental in Gudvangen
lainaj00 6
Bergen to Trondheim: Hurtigruten Ferry vs. flying
Lane 3
lara.sagmeister 2
Norway / Fjords cruise July 8th to the 20th
Larry 3
Car Travel from Oslo to Solvorn and to Bergen.
Larry 1
Are Uber and Lyft available in Oslo?
lasmith7779 0
Balestrand from Bergen or Flåm? Also - clothing in August and avoiding cruises
laughinglagom... 8
5 day Bavaria Travel Itinerary Help
laura.dieter1 2
Driving from Bergen to Lillehammer
laura.krugh 1
norway in a nutshell backwards
laura_zach 2
Oslo-Balestrand-Bergen-Oslo itinerary
Lauren 3
Hurtigruten in September
laurita.denny 1
We need a little help for an unusual Scandinavia itinerary
lawrfm1 7
Drive to Finse???
lchristensen1957 1
Hotels near Oslo airport
lchristensen1957 7
travelling from London to Bergen
ldleahy 4
Credit card usage in Norway, Sweden
LeeGee 11
Is Bergen crowded during International Festival?
lee.rg 0
Need help on how to DIY or NIN Oslo- Bergen-Balestrand-Geirangefjord-Flam rail in 6 days
lejoann 2
Nin or Driving OSLO to Begen
lejoann 1
Is 10 minutes enough time to transfer from bus to boat in Flam?
lejoann 5
Is there a public bus ride on the steep hairpin bends of Stalheimskleiva
lejoann 4
Best time to go to Scandinavia
leondeb16 3
Itinerary Feedback Request
Leslie H 7
Staying in Barcode Project section of Oslo?
Leslie H 3
Bergen Airport to Downtown Rental
Leslie H 3
4 Hours in Voss?
Leslie H 5
Tours in Lofoten Islands
lharriskin 5
Layover in Oslo
libill91030 0
Beginning Planning-2 Weeks in Norway next July (with a 6 yr old)
lilchrit 10
Uber in Norway? Or taxis?
lilchrit 0
Basic Itinerary-love feedback
lilchrit 4
Hurtigruten and Norway In A Nutshell
Lin 7
WWII museums in Narvik vs Alta
Lin 0
Is this too much travel? Oslo to NIN, Bergen to Copenhagen.
Linda 5
Nutshell from Bergen Only
Linda 4
Flam - hike, bus, boat?
Linda 2