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Tromso travel plan - 7/8 days

Dear all,
We plan to go Tromso in March, estimate 7-8 days.
Our priority is to see the Northern Light, next is to see the beautiful Norway scenery.

We are totally new to Norway, and not knowing much.
Can some expert help to suggest/draft a travel plan ?

thank you

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You will find winter conditions: short daylights, snow and icy conditions.
Rental car is a good question.

Basically you have two options:

  • North: Alta, Hammerfest, Magerøya, North Cape (along E6, later E69)
  • South: Lofoten and Vesteralen, maybe Senja but the summer ferry to Andenes starts in May

Lofoten are known for their beautiful landscape.

For watching NL I would follow the clear sky forecast because this is what you need when they appear.

Another option is to book port-to-port on Hurtigruten / Havila ships which is very comfortable (and warm), e. g. Tromsø - Kirkenes - Tromsø (North) or shorter Tromsø - Svolvær - Tromsø with nights of Lofoten in between.

Can some expert help to suggest/draft a travel plan ?

I am not a fan of this approach because people normally get money for this service. Please search in Norway and in trip reports forums for itineraries to / from Tromsø and post an own first version asking for feedback.

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Hi Camborne,
We plan to stay Tromso.
Regarding car, we never drive on icy road, never put on snow chain. The worst case we ever driven is in Dolomites, northen italy in end Dec, that time the roads are cleared.

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Thanks very much MarkK !
Regarding Alta/North Cape, is it only available for road trip with car? Or there is public transport (if we not driving) ?
As for visiting Lofoten, besides Hurtigruten / Havila ships, is there any other transportation options?

And for Tromso, is there any recommended Northern Light chasing tour that you may recommend?

thk you !

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I do not have a recommendation for NL tour providers in Tromsø. Fjellheisen is a place where NL sights are possible, combined with a wonderful view down to Tromsø. You can reach the cable station by taxi or bus (see website).

In general a more dark than light location (avoid stray light) directed to East to North will deliver a good chance to see NL when they occur (use an Aurora app) together with clear sky (

Link to transport provider in state Troms.

Info: you cannot use trains north or Narvik (network map).

Flights are also an option. Website of Tromsø airport shows domestic destinations.