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Passport requirements

What do I need to travel to Norway, Sweden, Finland from USA?
I was reading about the Schengen states since one of our passports will expire in 4 months and we are traveling early May.
Do we need to worry about Schengen?

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If you have a USA passport all recommend that it be valid up to 6 months. There is no word on what will happen if your passport does not.

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It’s probably not advisable to try and travel with a passport with less than six months on it. In fact, I’m surprised an airline will accept it. And it says on the link you were supplied above that you will be denied entry.

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Since you are leaving very appointment at the closest passport office right away. You will have the passport the I remember you be flying within two weeks and have your airline confirmation wth you and the expiring passport. I had to do it once and it was very simple.

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Absolutely, yes, you need to worry about Schengen, since all three countries are parties to the agreement.

Your first concern is what your airline will accept, if they refuse you boarding. it simply does not matter what each country requires.

As a general guide, you can try entering your information here:

The advice I would give, is that if it says your passport is not sufficient, then you need a new passport, if it does not, then contact your airline for a decision. But personally, I would work to get an in-person appointment now.

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Document Validity:

Passports and other documents accepted for entry must be valid for a minimum of 3 months beyond the period of intended stay.

(from the link provided by Paul)

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US State Department has handy summary pages for US citizens traveling abroad. I would renew the expiring passport. Check the passport renewal website for expedited procedures.

Norway - 6 months recommended:

Sweden - At least three months beyond the period of stay

Finland - 6 months recommended: