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Norway in May

We are retired couple planning trip to Norway in May. Like doing our own independent travel. The Forum has provided helpful tips on past trips, so some questions. Advantage in using Norway in a Nutshell? Early plans are to fly into Oslo, spend a few days there then on to Flamsbanen ( spend a night in Myrdal?) Tour Sognefjorden. On to Bergen for a few days. Thinking of cruise from Bergen to Trondheim, any recommendations on this. Planning in early stages and flexible, so looking for recommendations. Also are train tickets cheaper if purchased ahead of time? Thank you.

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I did a very similar trip in May 2016. I spent 4 nights in Oslo, then took the train to Myrdal and the Flamsbana to Flam and a ferry to Balestrand, where I spent two nights. I rented a car for the day and drove a spectacular route on the north side of the Sognefjorden. Then I took a ferry to Bergen, stayed there two nights, flew to Trondheim, stayed there two nights, and then flew home. (This was the second half of a trip that started in Belgium and the Netherlands.)

I booked the Balestrand Hotel directly with them. I strongly recommend them. Get a fjord-view room. I used Airbnb in Oslo, Bergen, and Trondheim.

I booked my trains and ferries as a package on the NiN website. It's possible to do it separately, but this was easy and convenient and saved me some time figuring everything out. I think that's the main advantage.

Myrdal is such a small settlement, I don't even know if there's anywhere to stay there.

The one thing I missed out on that I still want to see is Naeroyfjord. But I don't regret anything I did; it was all terrific! And I was lucky to have excellent weather (except for the last two days in Oslo).

If you have any specific questions, let me know and I'll be happy to share based on my experience.

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May 17 is their national holiday, and it is really fun to be in Oslo or Bergen to see the parade and the festivities.

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Thank you for the information. Have looked at Balestrand Hotel, will definitely book room there.
Did you pick up the ferry in Flam for Balestrand? Have found the NiN site not very helpful, will keep working with it.
Not planning on renting a car, prefer trains.

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cruise from Bergen to Trondheim

This is operated by Hurtigruten, serviced as port-to-port. In May (spring sailing plan) the ships do not get into Geirangerfjord but it is still a nice coastal scene. The 3 hours in Alesund you can hike the Aksla mountain for a nice outlook, it is just a walk from Hurtigruten mooring point in Alesund.

Special tip if you like birds and have time: May is puffin season on Runde island. You can do bird watching by a boat tour or hike the mountain from the "rear" side.

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You cannot spend the night in Myrdal. It is only a transit stop. You would have to take the Flamsbana train down to Flam to have a place to sleep.
Tha advantage of using Norway in a Nutshell ( called the NIN) is all the transportation is timed to work with each other..... bus, train, ferry

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Ok, lots of helpful information. Interestingly I found that it is cheaper to fly into Bergen than Oslo, so we are doing that. Which gives me another question, is there a preferred direction to do NiN? Oslo to Bergen or Bergen to Oslo? And our reservations will include being there on May 17th, so thank you for the recommendations.

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Following discussion because I’m planning for May 2020. I have reserved a car rental from Trondheim to Bergen. Does anyone know if there is a car ferry (not just a passenger ferry) from Balestrand to Bergen? It looks like a five hour drive from Olden to Bergen if we take E35? But it would be lovely to take longer and take a car ferry down Sognefjord if possible.