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Trip to Tromsoe, Norway.

Hi all,

We are planning our trip to Tromsoe, in the north. We want to go either in the summer for midnight sun, or winter for Aurora, any recommedations?

Also, we are thinking AirBnB, and found this nice looking apartment, which looks to be close to the city center. Does it look good for two people traveling for a long weekend?

Tromsoe apartment AirBnB

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I don't do Airbnb and haven't been farther north than Trondheim, but I noticed these things:

  • This is a new listing, which I think few regular users of Airbnb would recommend. There's not even one review.

  • An American-size "double bed" is quite narrow. It may be an entirely different story in Norway, but I'd ask about the width of the bed. The second bed is described as a "sofa bed", and those are not always so comfortable.

  • Heat is from a "portable heater". What is that? Would it be adequate in Norway in the winter?

I'd zoom in on Google Maps to check on the restaurant situation. The Airbnb map shows the two closest food options to be a burger place and a low-end chain pizza restaurant. If you opt to go in the winter, you might not be thrilled to have a long walk for food.

I'd also check on the proximity to your arrival point (airport? dock?). You will want to avoid the need for a taxi if possible. Norwegian taxis are $$$ (like everything else in the country).

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You might want to ask yourself why you're considering Tromsø. If the goal is to see the Aurora, Tromsø is to be honest not a good place to visit. And for the midnight sun, it can be seen in many places.

Heat is from a "portable heater". What is that? Would it be adequate
in Norway in the winter?

Probably, otherwise they would have something else. We are good at insulating our houses in Scandinavia to make sure the heat doesn't escape. And Tromsø has a rather mild climate so it rarely gets that cold in the winter (I live at a much lower latitude and experience much colder winters).