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Innsbruck or Salzburg?
Virkus 4
German travel documents
Virkus 2
Munich to Vienna
Vishal 6
Best spa (not expensive) in Baden Baden
vivavida301 2
Am I being too ambicious with all my stops?
viviand954 10
Bringing Human Ashes into Europe
vivian.kroner 25
Hamburg - English Speaking Harbor Boat Tours?
vkelba 1
Train from Munich Germany to Venice Italy
vkimberlin1 10
Munich to Krakow
vkneeland 5
Near Berlin Schonefeld Airport
vlaws3d 6
After Biking Trier to Coblenz (Moselle path) What next?
vmj22 3
Berlin Welcome Card with Museum Pass
vmorton 2
Medieval towns around Munich
vohraz 11
Munich Airport to hotel transfer
vojo 11
Carry on piece and personal carry on flying Lufthansa
vondra.hoop 2
Munich Ost train station
vpeyedoc 6
36 Hours Around Ingolstadt....What To Do?
vpr80s 8
Ingolstadt to Northern Italy and Back. Ideas for Stopovers?
vpr80s 5
Connecting flight in Munich 45 min ground time
V Rick 9
Oktoberfest 2019
vstabl 3
Deutsche Bahn schedule running later than usual? Or is because of time of year?
vt8t9grl 3
Frankfurt, Bavaria & Munich
VW 6
Travel to Germany (10 days) Dec 27, 2021 (spots to visit?)
vw4motion 12
German et al itinerary
wachavez64 15
Train vs. Rental Car - Bamberg to Rothenburg to Heidelberg
Wade 4
Daily tour guide outside of Nuremburg
wagnersjo 6
Traveling between Colmar, France and Fussen, Germany
wagt67 2
day trip from munich to alps
wakefieldp8 6
Getting from Frankfurt to Trier
walborna1970 10
Rostock Laundromat near cruise port?
walesmaven 2
Cologne cathedral mass times and how do I reverse a guided tour
walker6986 2
Travel between Frankfurt and Trier
wallacekim 11
Recommendation on a provider of private/small van transportation from Rothenburg to...
walshmn 3
Rental car drop in Garmisch or Munich?
Walter 6
Two Days in the Rhine Valley
Walter 3
Train from Frankfurt to Budapest
Walter 4
Correction: Train from Munich to Budapest
Walter 16
Garmisch Hotel
Walter 5
Semi-final Itinarery
Walter 9
Looking for hotel recommendations in Regensburg
Walt K 6
Best Train from Hamburg to Munich
waltseale 3
Bus transfer from Berlin to Warnemunde
wandatp 5
wandatp 9
Train from FRA to Boppard then to Berlin
wandaw 4
Berlin small museums or activities?
Wanderbug 16
Rhine & Mosel questions - transportation & kids
wanderjoy 3
Itinerary help & transportation suggestions for large multi-generational family
wanderlust 6
Itinerary Advice - Germany/Austria/Switzerland?
wanderlust 8
Germany/Austria/Switzerland/Greece - Train help
wanderlust 2
Traveling from Germany to nearby country
Wanderlust 19