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Berlin hotel refund/credit?

Because of the virus, I may have to cancel my hotel reservation in Berlin. If the hotel refuses to give me a refund or credit, is there a consumer watchdog agency in that capital I can complain to? Thanks for any help! Steve

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In Germany we have "Verbraucherzentralen" (consumer advice center). I do not know if Verbraucherzentrale Berlin also cares for hotels.

Did you book a tarif with or without cancellation?
If without there is no legal chance (Anspruch), so it is goodwill of hotel (Kulanz). If you do not get money back ask for a voucher to arrive at a very later opportunity.

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I am pasting the responses other users gave from the duplicate (now removed) thread:

onefastbob said:

What are the terms of your reservation? Fully cancelable or
nonrefundable deposit or nonrefundable paid in full? That is what
controls. As to nonrefundable only exception would be if the German
Government ordered the hotel to close and not to accept guests then a
nonrefundable deposit or payment would have to be returned as the
hotel legally/factually cannot provide you with the room.

Of course a hotel, especially larger chains like Hilton, may waive the
contract terms but I would not expect a smaller establishment to do so
with their income at zero.

No need for any consumer watch dog- the hotel won’t have done anything
wrong nor is there fraud involved to justify a credit card company

David said:

I had nonrefundable reservations at Adina Apartments in Berlin. I
think they're refunding my prepayment. Some governments may have
regulations in place to order hotels and tourist attractions to
process refunds under the current conditions. I think Auschwitz is
also processing a refund since they're completely closed down