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Food & Drink

Talk up your favorite tastes in Europe

Europe is delicious. Whether you want to banter about breakfast or beer, it's all on the menu in this section of our travel forum.

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Italian Cooking instead of travel
Jean 14
Your favorite authentic European restaurant or shop in your hometown
Jean 64
Why do many from a rich country say "We enjoy food" when asking for travel advice?
Jazz+Travels 43
Bologna or Ravenna
Jaz 9
When You've Had Enough Of Local Cuisine...
Jay 43
The Best Ice Cream in Paris?
Janis 15
Il Caminetto near Varenna Italy
Janet 5
Plastic corkscrew?
Jane 22
New Restaurants with "Chefs Surprise".
Jan 9
Switzerland--Cooking Class
Jackie 1
Great restaurant near Park Güell in Barcelona
hutch.carpenter 1
sensitive to cow dairy
Horsewoofie 7
Allergic to Chocolate
Horsewoofie 10
Eating Europe Black Friday Discounts
Horsewoofie 12
Holly 4
Gluten free accomodations
hln.explorer 0
Food Tours in Europe
hello 8
Dinning in Dublin
harry 1
The Fun Of Gluten Side Effects, Lactose Intolerance & IBS On Flights
Guy In Upper... 3
Fish & Chips! A Short History
Guy In Upper... 41
Delicious New Restaurant in Paris - L'Amuse Bouffe
greggchadwick 2
Simple food availability.
greenbakhunter 13
Anything like Dim Sum or Tapas in Munich, Prague, Vienna, Budapest or Krakow?
gone 11
Top Chef’s Gail Simmons on US Vs UK food
Golden Girl 17
Preventing jet lag
Gluten free food while travelling ( Europe etc) comments/ideas
glennlorrainer 10
Tap water in England & France
gina.h.hoffman 16
Viking Homelands Cruise - Booze package or not?
george.stephe... 6
Cheap (but good) Lunch Ideas
geochuck 4
Allergy Issue
Gen 13
Tuscany cooking classes?
geishecker 3
Food Tour Stockholm?
GB 9
When You Can't Drink Bottled Water
Gael 5
Beer in Ireland
Fritz 17
Chocolates in Brugge
fredankt 0
Is tipping getting out of control?
Frank II 51
Hotel Room Picnics
Frank II 25
Picnic like a pro
Frank II 40
Travel Water Bottles with Filters
Frank II 17
Alberobello, Italy Farm to table Trattoria
flylady1 1
Eating in Helsinki
fecher5 3
Chocolate and/or Pastries in Munich, Berlin, Budapest, Prague
Faith 17
Netherlands Food
ET 17
recommendations for collapsible bottle
erob1224 6
Beer tours
engineer.elliot 7
Do they offer Half & Half cream for coffee in Spain
e_lundy2008... 19
dietary concerns
elsiesee 11
Gluten Free in Spain
ekman1217 1
Chicken blood in Damme
egsilvestri 2
Has anyone done a Streaty food tour in Sicily?
edgefield 7