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We want to plan a trip this September to Europe-not sure where-thinking South France, Amalfi Coast Italy, possibly Munich, Salzburg, Vienna, really not sure. I cannot have too much wine, no heavy garlic, peppers, tomato sauce, or anything spicy. I eat pretty healthy-lots of fish, chicken, some beef, vegetables etc..I am not too fond of sausages or sauerkraut.

What are the foods like in Germany, Austria, Amsterdam, Switzerland?

Thank you,

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Hi Holly--you will have no trouble finding foods to fit your GERD diet in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. I have lived in Germany and traveled there recently, and have never eaten a sausage or sauerkraut in my life. I confess to a fondness for Wienerschnitzel ( breaded cutlet), but if that is too rich you can always find healthy chicken and fish options on most menus in these countries. A good example is the "Fitness Teller" ( Teller means plate), which is a grilled chicken breast with side salad. Spicy food is quite uncommon in these countries unless you go to an ethnic restaurant (Indian, Mexican, Thai, etc.). And tomato sauces are rare outside of Italian restaurants in these countries.
People think of Swiss food as heavy with cheese but that is only the fondue and Raclette you may see on tourist menus---these are winter dishes and not generally eaten by the locals unless they are at a ski resort.

You will be fine.

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Holly i have gerd also, i have never had an issue finding food i can eat, my only problem is not being tempted to push my luck with food i shouldnt eat, or drink too much wine!
Just make sure you dont lose your meds, without my rapeprazole i would
And do not think you will be able to sub out with some Pepto, in france they do not sell it and will try and convince you charcaol will do just as well. It will not.

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Bread, meat, potatoes, lots of basic food in all countries, obviously in amsterdam you will avoid their smorsbords( they call it something just forgot) which os usually based on Indonesion foods..i loved it years ago, but its not good for me anymore, but theres plenty of foods you can eat , really europe is fine, asian countries and india would be much harder.

Europeons dont really do spicey, garlicly in some areas, onions , but easy to avoid.

In my " old life" ie before gerd, i loved Thai and veitemese foods, spicy , yum, and finding it ina few places in europe it usually dissapointed me, not spicey enough!

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The Indonesian "smorgasbord" Pat is referring to is called a Rijsttafel (literally "rice table"). It consists of lots of small dishes, and some can be incredibly spicy.

In the large cities in the places you are going, there is a large variety of restaurants, and you can get any kind of food you want. And, contrary to various stereotypes, not all food in Germany is sausages, not all food in Italy is pasta with tomato sauces, and not everything in France is made with wine. You'll be fine.