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The Best Ice Cream in Paris?

In the latest Bonjour Paris weekly newsletter it features an article on "The best Ice Cream Spots in Paris." I haven't been to Paris for a number of years and was wondering if anyone has tried the recommended places or your favorite? Recently there was a thread on favorites in Italy!

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For me, it has to be Italian: Pozzetto, Grom....

Or our local, homemade family glacier, Raimo in the 12th.

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Hi Janis,

Thanks for posting this.
I’m always looking for the best Ice cream (or gelato) as it’s one of my favorites things to eat when I’m traveling.

My daughter and I enjoyed the Berthillon ice cream while in Paris. We were there in June (2016) and the peach ice cream was the best I’ve ever tasted.

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Thanks Priscilla for sharing your experience with your daughter. The Peach Ice Cream sounds wonderful. I bet they are selling plenty now. I looked up all their flavors. One Of many flavors I would enjoy trying would be the Rum Raisin. ;)

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Bar none, Berthillon ice cream is the best imo. Rich people in NYC have it flown over for them. Their chocolate or raspberry is to die for.
For gelato, i love Amarino which is all over Paris.

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Ice cream is one of my favorite snacks. Every once in a while, on the way back from work, you'll see me with an ice cream cone in one hand and my briefcase in the other 😆.
For French style (less creamy, more concentrated flavor, strong emphasis on sorbet), I have the following favorites, arranged geographically:

  • Raimo is indeed excellent but out of the way in the 12th.

  • Still in the 12th but more central (Aligre): La Tropicale has a lovely shaded terrace and eating on site costs the same as to go (which is unusual). Original fruity flavors are delicious, non-fruity flavors are less memorable but still very solid.

  • Near Bastille in the 11th, Alain Ducasse opened an ice cream shop. It is eye-wateringly expensive but it is very good and creative.

  • Berthillon (Ile Saint Louis) is touristy but a very solid choice nonetheless, and good value. If you have access to a freezer, buy a pint! It is very cheap. The cocoa sorbet is excellent, so is the vanilla ice cream

  • Une Glace à Paris (Marais) has some fantastic innovative flavors (e.g., smoked vanilla; peach and pepper). Nearby la Glacerie is good too, but way overpriced.

  • At the 6th-7th arrondissement limit near Bon Marché, le Bac à Glaces is a solid choice. I've had a few issues with texture (ice crystals) in low season.

  • Rue Cler, Martine Lambert is again very good, but expensive.

For Italian gelato, the aforementioned Pozzetto in the Marais is probably the best. Grom is a chain but is a good choice nonetheless, and even though Amorino is industrial with dozens of stores all over France... it exceeds expectations.

For a novelty, Glace Bachir serves Lebanese ice cream near Pompidou museum. I can't really describe it, and the line is very long, but if you pass by, you can have a look.

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@Susan- Good to know that Berthillon has a “chocolate to die for.” That would make my husband very happy!
@Balso- Always great to hear about favorites. I can envision you holding a cone in one hand & briefcase in the other! Will definitely bookmark! I miss France. Thank you.
@hubestur- Thanks for another vote for Berthillon.

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Balso has the right idea!

If you have access to a freezer, buy a pint! It is very cheap,

I was so tempted to buy a pint, or two, but we didn’t have a freezer!

I’d be in big trouble if I lived there, as I’m quite sure my freezer would have a few pints.

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If I had had balso's list in May I would have tried more places, but we were around the corner from Bertillion and happily worked through as many flavors as we could try in a week. I was surprised I liked many better than gelato, which I love. Pear and chocolate noir (not together!) were my top picks.

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@Ruth- The pear & chocolate noir sounds great. How fun to have had a week to try out many flavors.
@Jean! I know how much you enjoy your Gelato. ;)

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I too am a fan of Berthillion.

This thread brought up a funny memory. My daughter and I were in Paris and passed by Amorino and decided we would stop. We had had lunch, so were not hungry, and I suggested we share. The look that I was given was bad enough, but then she stated very firmly "one does not share ice cream". That comment is brought up often and she stands by it;)

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Some of the best ice cream in Paris can be found at Berthillon, La Maison du Chocolat, and Laduree.