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Money-Saving Strategies

Share your best budget tips

When traveling on a budget, there are many ways to make Europe affordable. From eating and sleeping cheap, to getting value from a great guidebook, to avoiding high-cost flights, share your best tips to save money.

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Canceling Due to Imminent Death: Travel Insurance Limbo.
jen 14
Visa Debit Chip and Pin
Jeremy 29
Paris Pass - saving money on museums
jeshot5 3
*Canadian* Travel insurance for (potentially) 1 year in Europe
jessie.av.mcneil 15
Allianz travel insurance
JF 4
Advice needed regarding travel (medical) insurance when disqualified for pc waiver
jiminwny 3
Capitol One Venture Card...or NOT. Seeking Other Recommendations
jlkelman 39
Banks and Fees
jmlyon5 18
Chip & pin card for Belgium & Netherlands
Jo 2
Dollards to Euro Exchange
jo4lop 16
traveling without reservations
Joann 28
Cell phone service
Joanne C 15
Rental car insurance
Joanne C 7
ATM eats card (what do you do?)
joe 24
Report: Credit card use on recent trip
Joe 4
"When is the best time to buy airfare"
joe32F 4
Flying in and out of Canada
joeandtamiclark 4
Euros from Heathrow ATM?
Joel 20
Are Euros available via ATM at Reykjavik airport?
Joel 2
1-euro house in Italy
johnalaxender... 9
Walking tours in which you just "show up" like London Walks
john.gaddis 8
Is "no access fee within country" the same as "0% Foreign Transaction Fee"?
jo_pie 5
Need £ and € cash before trip?
Jovie 24
Dollar vs Euro
jpprovo 7
Changing currency at airport???
js.coiron 13
Budget stay in Rome
juan 1
Is 'Chip & Pin' Debit Card Necessary in Europe?
JuanM 9
I can't open a Schwab account because I live in Canada!
Judy 16
Has anyone used for left luggage?
Julie 4
Capital One Debit Card
Karen 5
ATM more risk than Credit Card?
Karen 29
Wire transfers?
Kathi 8
Visa card
Kathi 17
Does AARP help?
kathleen 14
RS discounts at various shops in Europe
kathy 5
Time limit for buying cancel anytime insurance
KC 7
Heathrow to London for about £5.7/person
Kent 1
TransferWise app
keri 7
Contactless credit card vs. Chip-and-signature (with a PIN)
keri 16
Why don't more people try home exchange?
Kerry 21
Credit & Debit Card Scams - Have You Experienced These
Kerry 17
Flying out of Canada to Europe as US citizen?
kevin 11
Firenze Card and Children
kim_niedzwiecki 1
The GBP and Euro dropped; think this will work?
klo162 5
Debit Card block from your bank
kreckel1 68
Travel guides - Europe
kris.albright62 8
VAT Fees
kris.albright62 9
Just making sure- euro/pound
Kristin 8
Money ..... And how to take it!
kwarner 13
Travel Insurance
ladawn01 12