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Money-Saving Strategies

Share your best budget tips

When traveling on a budget, there are many ways to make Europe affordable. From eating and sleeping cheap, to getting value from a great guidebook, to avoiding high-cost flights, share your best tips to save money.

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Car rental (almost) last minute?
ilona 9
Visiting Milan Italy? MilanoCard was worth getting ...
Ira Serkes 4
travel insurance
isaacsjulia 6
Best way to exchange leftover Euros to Dollars
Italywalker 12
Hotel plus flight on Expedia -- any tips?
Jackie 17
Schwab ATM/debit card
jajomax 39
Looking for another low fee ATM card as a back up card
jajomax 11
First time back in Europe in over 30 years
jamescoste 13
Favourite Splurges and savings
jayhamps 36
atm card
jayreycat 13
Paris museum pass versus Paris combo pass?
jbeugnot 2
Lesson learned for detailed paper or photo document trail
Jean 15
Samantha Brown’s Top Travel Tips - do they remind you of special times, too?
Jean 24
Where to go for our first time to Eurpoe
jeanine_frias 22
Where to go for our first time to Europe Part 2
jeanine_frias 2
Did you know you can deposit foreign bill currency into your ATM?
Jean-Paul 11
Shopping in Rothenburg
Jeff 10
Has anyone used Groupon for a vacation to Europe?
jeffe26 9
Refundable fares or travel insurance?
jeffspc88mx 21
Vatican online reservations
jehalley 3
How Do You Economize While Traveling?
jen 59
Canceling Due to Imminent Death: Travel Insurance Limbo.
jen 14
Does this apply to USA CCs in England?
jennyr 17
Visa Debit Chip and Pin
Jeremy 29
Paris Pass - saving money on museums
jeshot5 3
*Canadian* Travel insurance for (potentially) 1 year in Europe
jessieM 15
Allianz travel insurance
JF 4
Advice needed regarding travel (medical) insurance when disqualified for pc waiver
jiminwny 3
Capitol One Venture Card...or NOT. Seeking Other Recommendations
jlkelman 39
Banks and Fees
jmlyon5 18
Chip & pin card for Belgium & Netherlands
Jo 2
Dollards to Euro Exchange
jo4lop 16
traveling without reservations
Joann 28
Cell phone service
Joanne C 15
Rental car insurance
Joanne C 7
ATM eats card (what do you do?)
joe 24
Report: Credit card use on recent trip
Joe 4
"When is the best time to buy airfare"
joe32F 4
Flying in and out of Canada
joeandtamiclark 4
Euros from Heathrow ATM?
Joel 20
Are Euros available via ATM at Reykjavik airport?
Joel 2
Tap Payments / Apple Wallet
John 16
1-euro house in Italy
johnalaxender... 9
Walking tours in which you just "show up" like London Walks
john.gaddis 8
Eurail Pass
jontiberoz 13
Is "no access fee within country" the same as "0% Foreign Transaction Fee"?
jo_pie 5
Need £ and € cash before trip?
Jovie 24
Dollar vs Euro
jpprovo 7
Changing currency at airport???
js.coiron 13
Budget stay in Rome
juan 1